Codify Academy is closed

This school is now closed. Although Codify Academy is no longer accepting students or running its program, you can still see historical information and Codify Academy alumni reviews on the school page.


Codify Academy

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Codify Academy is a part-time front end development bootcamp in San Francisco. It is a 16-week course, over weekends, featuring a combination of classroom learning and projects that carry over outside of class. The program is designed for people with no prior programming experience.  Students will collaborate with other students and instructors and build up their personal portfolio over the course of the program. Codify Academy's course covers HTML, CSS, and JavaSc...

74 Codify Academy Reviews

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  • Anonymous
    Student • San Francisco
    Dec 16, 2016
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance


    The instructors were nice and easy to work with.

    Less expensive than most onsite boot camps in San Francisco.

    Good classroom.


  • Anonymous
    Graduate • Front End Development • San Francisco
    Dec 11, 2016
    Overall Experience
    Job Assistance

    Codify Front End Course

     - Codify is run by three brothers who started out as programmers themselves, so they have great hands-on experience.
     - Price-point for course is relatively inexpensive compared to other bootcamps

     - All textbooks are included in the price, as well as your first domain/hosting service for a year  (where you will showcase your portfolio of sites/apps you build)

    - They hold weekday evening workshops every once in a while and will often provide a m...


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Qualifying Courses

  • Front End Development (San Francisco)

Recent Codify Academy News

Harry Hantel
Updated May 29, 2020
While quitting your job and diving headfirst into your coding education can yield impressive results, we also understand that not everybody can commit to a full-time, 12-week programming bootcamp. Jobs, school, families - life, in general, can prevent that kind of commitment. For all the students who can t give 40 hours a week to a code school, we re outlining some of the best part-time web development bootcamps around. With a variety of price points and locations to choose from, ...
Liz Eggleston
Updated March 25, 2015
Codify Academy , a hybrid front-end bootcamp with locations in New York & San Francisco (and expanding!) recently hosted their first Women in Tech event featuring a panel of impressive female leaders and business owners in New York. The panel was well-attended by women and men hoping to make the transition to startups from non-profits, corporate work, and finance. We learned a ton from this spectacular group of women- from the skills you need to join a startup tomorrow (and ...
Harry Hantel
Updated December 15, 2016
Welcome to the February News Roundup, your monthly news digest full of the most interesting articles and announcements in the bootcamp space. Want your bootcamp's news to be included in the next News Roundup?  Submit announcements of new courses, scholarships, or open jobs at your school!   Bootcamps in the News Are Coding Bootcamps a  College Alternative ?  Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Software Developer?  4 Questions to Ask Yourself. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Codify Academy worth it?
Is Codify Academy legit?
Does Codify Academy offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read Codify Academy reviews?
Is Codify Academy accredited?

Course Report readers can receive an Exclusive Scholarship to Codify Academy!


How much does Codify Academy cost?

Codify Academy costs around $6,000.

What courses does Codify Academy teach?

Codify Academy offers courses like Front End Development.

Where does Codify Academy have campuses?

Codify Academy has in-person campuses in San Francisco.

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Is Codify Academy worth it?
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