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Codify Academy is a part-time front end development bootcamp in San Francisco. It is a 16-week course, over weekends, featuring a combination of classroom learning and projects that carry over outside of class. The program is designed for people with no prior programming experience.  Students will collaborate with other students and instructors and build up their personal portfolio over the course of the program. Codify Academy's course covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and related tools. They also offer a Job Placement program

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  • Front End Development

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, Git, Front End
    In PersonPart Time18 Hours/week16 Weeks
    Start Date Rolling Start Date
    Class sizeN/A
    LocationSan Francisco, Hybrid (Online & In-person)
    In 16 weeks, we're going to transform you into a fully fledged front end developer with a great portfolio, no matter your starting point. You'll be able to manipulate websites and online tools like a pro. We'll also help you find a job in your prefered sector when you're finished with the course.
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    Minimum Skill LevelBeginner
    Placement TestNo

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    • Front End Development (San Francisco)
  • Review
    - 12/16/2016
    Anonymous • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    The instructors were nice and easy to work with.

    Less expensive than most onsite boot camps in San Francisco.

    Good classroom.


  • Anonymous • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

     - Codify is run by three brothers who started out as programmers themselves, so they have great hands-on experience.
     - Price-point for course is relatively inexpensive compared to other bootcamps

     - All textbooks are included in the price, as well as your first domain/hosting service for a year  (where you will showcase your portfolio of sites/apps you build)

    - They hold weekday evening workshops every once in a while and will often provide a meal then, as well as snacks (fresh fruit) during regular weekly meetings

     - I would really like to give these guys a few more stars but I really can't . To start off, Codify is misleading and tells potential students that they are "ready to be hired" at the end of the 16 weeks. In reality, when applying for positions and talking to people actually working in the industry, they're feedback has often been that there were quite a few things missing in terms of experience and projects to get hired at an entry-level position.

     - In a class of 10-12 students that graduated in June (6 months later), there is currently 1 person I know of who has gotten a developer job, post-course completion. Many more folks, from my group and others who have actually gone on to take on other types of jobs because they couldn't break into the developer field with their Codify training. 
     - Codify instructors may know how to code but they DO NOT have a background in teaching or facilitation. There are often gaps in the progress of topics and in their priorities. E.g.: They spend about half of the course on HTML & CSS, a good amount of time on JavaScript and very little time on things like AngularJS or API's, even though knowing and working with these in front-end development are essential for getting jobs in the field. 
     - They sometimes teach different things to different classes, so you don't know if you're getting everything you need.

     - They often say "please let me know if you have any questions" but it will often take them a week or longer to answer emails/questions (and some go unanswered all together). I was sometimes "ping-ponged" back and forth between one instructor and another before someone actually answered a question, and at times when they did so, they could be rude and passive-aggressive about it, instead of being encouraging and helping me learn. Not cool.

     - When I signed up for the course, I opted to work with one of their suggested partners WeFinance (a startup that does crowd funding campaigns by having the campaign owner ask for loans that will be repaid on an agreed-upon schedule). When I initially got in contact with Codify Academy, I was told the course would last 12 weeks. I signed up with WeFinance and determined a pay-back schedule keeping this in mind, as well as how long they said a student usually takes to get a job (2-6 months). 

       As it turns out, when I thought I was in my last week, the instructor informed me, laughing non-chalantly that there was actually another month left in the course. Of course, this wreaked havoc with my crowd-funding campaign. Did not receive any acknowledgment, apology or help with this, either. 

     - Their "job prep" is a workshop where students go through a checklist for technical questions and then they mock-interview each other. They also give anecdotes of previous students who have been successful at presenting "value" to companies they want to work for. All things you can learn on your own, online. 

    Conclusion: I absolutely learned some front end code while at Codify, but that's also because I have had the experience of teaching and facilitating; so I have a pretty good idea of how/where to fill in the gaps of their teaching style for myself. 

    If you already have some experience with coding and/or you feel very confident about your ability to teach yourself when needed and find a job, you'll be ok with Codify. However, for the majority of folks, especially those with no programming background, it's well-worth it to spend a bit more and get a better education, elsewhere.