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Jess Feldman

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Last updated on May 30, 2023

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We’re diving into the state of hiring at Coding Temple with Mikelynn Romero, Director of Career Partnerships at Coding Temple. Learn what students and alumni can expect from the bootcamp’s employer network and lifetime career support. Plus, find out what’s included in Coding Temple’s new Pre-Screening Interviews, and how that’s helping current alumni shorten their time on the job search!

Meet Our Expert: Mikelynn Romero

  • As Director of Career Partnerships at Coding Temple, Mikelynn maintains relationships with employer partners to place graduates with.
  • Works closely with students and alumni to help them understand career goals and trajectory and provides them with the resources to help them land a role they love!

What Employer Partnerships look like at Coding Temple…

Coding Temple graduates get hired firstly in tech companies (specifically software) followed by healthcare, retail and e-commerce, government and defense, financial services, education, hospitality, media, real estate, and transportation. Within my own first 30 days working at Coding Temple, I saw recent graduates land jobs in technology, hospitality, and education.

What kinds of tech roles do these companies typically hire Coding Temple grads for?

Coding Temple graduates land roles as: 

  • Software developers
  • Front end developers
  • Back end developers
  • Full stack developers 

Our data grads may land roles in business analytics, data analytics, and data science.

Does Coding Temple have partnerships with international organizations?

Currently, Coding Temple partners with nationwide domestic companies, but the bootcamp is open to international students and graduates do get hired in international companies. We know that the skills students learn at Coding Temple are transferable internationally.

What do these companies like about Coding Temple graduates?

The most important thing employers are interested in is their technical skills and that they are market-ready from day one. 

Bootcamp graduates also add value with their strong work ethic. They have learned how to learn. They also have strong communication skills and the ability to work in teams.

What makes the Coding Temple graduate unique from other new developers in the tech hiring pool?

The bootcamp is intense, so Coding Temple grads have learned to move quickly. Coding Temple requires each learner to build an impactful Capstone project based on real world scenarios, which they have to present at the end of the program. By the time they meet with employers, they have experience presenting a well-designed project that they built with a team. We also encourage students to build a Capstone project that interests them and their job search. For example: If they’re interested in FinTech, we encourage them to work on a project that is relevant to FinTech. That helps them stand out in the hiring pool because they're already ahead of the game. 

Pre-Screening Interviews at Coding Temple

To help our alumni land jobs with our employer partners, Coding Temple is implementing a pre-screening process for technical interviews. Students will go through a tool and answer a few questions to get practice with the process, and then they'll meet 1:1 with our Technical Partnerships Manager. Students will receive a score that we can quickly pass to an employer. By working directly with employers, I can design a screen to quickly find an alum that would be equipped for the specific skill set they’re looking for.

Is pre-screening available to Coding Temple graduates from all bootcamp formats?

It's open to everyone! Our lifetime policy of career services is in place for self-paced and part-time grads as well. We hope this will help build their confidence. So many bootcamp grads struggle with imposter syndrome, so our hope is that this will give them the practice and assurance they need to land a job they love. 

Do you see the pre-screening helping reduce the amount of time a Coding Temple grad is on the job hunt?

Yes! Beyond getting practice with technical interviews, the repetition may inform them that, while they thought they wanted to be a full stack developer, they may prefer or are more skilled in a certain part of developing, like front end or back end. 

Preparing Students for Today’s Employers’ Needs

Coding Temple collaborates with our employee partners to determine what’s included in the curriculum. This includes informing our project work. We incorporate sprints in our program, so students could land a real project and move through it very quickly, similar to what they’d face on the job. 

It’s been a turbulent tech job market this year! Are you finding that employers are still looking to hire recent bootcamp grads?

I've spent a lot of time connecting with recruiters and their advice is that our alumni be flexible and malleable to the types of employment opportunities they take, including contract-to-hire roles, to get into a company. Doing so will prove their worth and value for further opportunities. 

Many of our Coding Temple alumni are setting up practice interviews with me so they can deconstruct what they’re doing and nail their employer interviews. Big Tech may be laying people off, but companies outside of that are still looking for talent in industries like government and environmental support. 

Are graduates returning to Coding Temple for career support after being laid off?

Coding Temple offers lifetime career services, so alumni return for support to land their second or third role after graduating. So far, I haven’t dealt with anyone who’s been laid off, but what I try to do is get ahead of it. If I see a company pause on hiring, I know they’re close to layoffs. I’ve had alumni come to me proactively looking for a new job because they don’t want to be laid off. That’s a good sign for Coding Temple because it means we taught them to think about their career trajectory.

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