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Virtual Tour: BrainStation’s Toronto Campus Spotlight

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Last updated on March 27, 2024

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Toronto is an important epicenter for tech and commerce in Canada, which makes it a perfect place to launch a tech career! With its modern classroom layouts and world-class amenities, take a virtual tour of BrainStation’s enhanced campus situated in The Well, Toronto’s ambitious new development. Find out what students can expect from learning in person at BrainStation’s Toronto campus, and how interactive classes, events, and workshops with the local and global tech community give students a leg up in their careers.

BrainStation just expanded its Toronto location! What is the new campus like?

BrainStation's expansion in Toronto reflects our commitment to meeting the growing demand for digital skills training. The new campus is located in The Well, the most exciting new development in the city, surrounded by Toronto’s most influential brands and an amazing combo of retail and dining experiences.

The 40,000-square-foot campus is designed to inspire collaboration and act as a hub for the Toronto tech community. There are six modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology, large spaces for students to relax and collaborate in, broadcast studios for online learning, offices for staff and instructors, and an event space that can hold over 400 people. 

Our Toronto campus is strategically positioned to engage with the local tech community and provide opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals and hiring partners. We’ve always been a dynamic hub for Toronto’s tech scene, and that won’t change any time soon. Whether through interactive classes, networking events, or career workshops, students can expect a world-class experience at BrainStation Toronto’s new campus.

Overall, what is the Toronto tech scene like in 2024?

Toronto remains the technology capital of Canada, with some of the most notable minds in leading industries, such as AI, calling the city home. The world’s largest companies continue to expand their presence in Toronto, along with several scale-up ventures looking to take the world by storm. 

Despite slowed economic growth, tech employment is expected to rise in 2024. In Toronto, there is always a high demand for skilled tech professionals across software development, cybersecurity, data science, UX design, and more. The city’s technology ecosystem remains a leading example for North America. With the surge of AI across all industries, it will only grow as more companies look to absorb the expertise of the city’s cutting-edge talent. 

Why is Toronto the right location for a bootcamp like BrainStation?

BrainStation has delivered digital skills training worldwide, so it’s only natural to offer in-person opportunities in some of the world’s top technology hotbeds. Toronto is a player on the global  stage for tech talent, featuring  local juggernauts such as Wealthsimple and 1Password, as well as Microsoft, Google, and Uber selecting the city for its Canadian headquarters. 

Toronto has a vital impact on the economy of Canada, with technology being a key contributor to that nationwide growth. The city’s thriving ecosystem creates and sustains jobs that contribute to the well-being of each Canadian and billions across the world. 

Toronto is also a hub for other core industries powering the rest of the country, such as finance and construction. With the added emphasis on digital skills in nearly every role, BrainStation graduates are learning versatile skills applicable to any industry and any opportunity. 

What sets BrainStation’s Toronto campus apart from its other campuses?

BrainStation Toronto truly offers the best of the city within its walls and neighborhood. The campus sits in the heart of The Well, one of the most ambitious mixed-use projects of its kind. The Well converges leading local and international retailers, top restaurants, outdoor event spaces, and more, creating a beautiful but functional work/entertainment complex.

The decision to open in The Well is a testament to BrainStation’s commitment to the growth of Toronto’s tech ecosystem. As the city continues to expand with ambitious plans and opportunities, BrainStation plays a critical role in providing individuals the opportunity to accelerate their careers in the city they love. Combined with our legacy and the already strong community of graduates and partners, learning with BrainStation in Toronto has many unique benefits.

BrainStation offers many of its programs through both in-person and online formats to benefit various learning styles and those located farther from our campuses. The BrainStation Toronto campus is a hub for both styles, with physical classrooms as well as studios for instructors to deliver online courses. Similar to leading technology companies, BrainStation Toronto is bright, airy, spacious, and built to foster collaboration. World-class amenities let students feel comfortable and empowered to learn, with a large and accessible event space to welcome all members of the Toronto tech community.

Which of BrainStation’s bootcamps and courses are offered at the Toronto campus?

BrainStation’s Data Science, UX Design, and Software Engineering bootcamps are offered at the Toronto campus. These are full-time programs, with classes five days a week over 12 weeks. There is also the option to study online, either full-time or part-time with classes three days a week for 40 weeks. Online students can choose between the three core bootcamps mentioned, as well as the new Cybersecurity bootcamp.

Additionally, learners can enroll in a catalog of part-time certificate courses designed to help professionals level up and accelerate their careers in technology. Certificate courses available in Toronto include Data Analytics, Product Management, UX Design, Digital Marketing, and more.

Toronto is also home to many BrainStation Online Live studios, allowing instructors to confidently teach and engage with our online students, ranging from part-time certificates to full-time intensive bootcamps. 

What are the instructors like at BrainStation’s Toronto campus? Are they knowledgeable about the Toronto and Canadian tech scene?

Instructors at BrainStation Toronto represent the largest companies in the world. Students may be taught by industry professionals from Spotify, LinkedIn, Microsoft, JPMorgan, and more, with instructors happy to answer any questions and share insider tips about getting hired by leading brands. 

Of course, every instructor understands the Toronto technology scene and the best ways to garner interest from talent teams — but that’s not unique to Toronto. Every instructor at BrainStation recognizes the nuances of their respective industry and conveys to their students what it takes to be noticed and fit right into any real-world office setting.

Does the Toronto campus host events

BrainStation Toronto is proud to host events for our community of students and graduates, as well as the entire technology community. Every month, panels moderated by BrainStation staff featuring local tech heavyweights highlight our calendar, offering deep insights into the disciplines we teach and the most pressing and important industry trends.

Students and graduates do get a little bit of exclusive fun, though! Demo Days bring in hiring partners to review student portfolios, and BrainStation’s Tech Socials allow students to mingle and network with one another (and those same hiring partners) to forge connections that last a lifetime.

Are Toronto bootcamp graduates prepared for Canadian tech jobs? Or does the BrainStation experience prepare them for global roles regardless of which physical bootcamp they attend?

BrainStation grads, regardless of the city they learn in, are prepared for whatever a real-world career in technology throws at them. Instructors tailor  their curriculum based on what’s actually happening in meeting rooms and offices because they’re working there themselves. The surefire way to prepare someone for this industry is to practice with the tools, language, and skills used daily in a professional setting.

A graduate from BrainStation Toronto is ready to find a career in Toronto, as well as any city in North America. That’s the beauty of learning from skilled professionals working at innovative companies; those skills are transferable anywhere innovation is happening. 

Does BrainStation have partnerships with Toronto or Canadian companies? 

BrainStation has a large network with thousands of hiring partners around the world engaging with students and our Career Success team to scout for tech talent. Of course, some of these brands are Canadian and have local offices in Toronto, but the benefit of a large, diverse network means students can look beyond Toronto for roles and not feel limited to their city. 

Find out more and read BrainStation reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with BrainStation.

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