The January News Roundup is your monthly news digest full of the most interesting articles in the coding bootcamp space. If you're part of the bootcamp world or just want to stay current on coding bootcamps, then check out everything you may have missed in January!

Let's Recap January...

Olivia Vanni from BostInno argues that Computer Science degrees in 2016 don't really make sense (coding bootcamps are one reason).

Quartz dives into the need for App Academy's new $3000 bootcamp prep course.

David Yang, founder of Fullstack Academy, writes about why it's time for you to learn to code in HuffPost.

NPR reports on Atlanta's Coding Schools meeting demand for tech.

Coding Bootcamps are taking off in Australia (ft. Coder Factory Academy).

Udacity announces "Nanodegree Plus" which come with a job guarantee.

Ryan Craig writes for Forbes about bootcamps being "no-risk pathways to high-value careers."

Building Diverse Coding Bootcamps

Forbes explores Imposter Syndrome with Grace Hopper Academy in New York City.

This bootcamp job fair is aiming to boost diversity in Silicon Valley tech.

From GeekWire, veterans rally to support each other at Operation Code.

TechCrunch's deep-dive into Telegraph Academy, teaching people of color to code in California.

Fundraising + Acquisitions

Galvanize raised $3M from the Colorado Impact Fund (in addition to $18M in 2014).

Malaysian coding school NEXT Academy raised $300K from 500 Startups.

Online bootcamp Bloc acquired career-services startup DevBridge to help with job placement.

New Bootcamp Launches

Iron Yard is opening in Minneapolis (via Fox9).

Penn grads launch Horizons Academy in Philly (via

UCF Coding Boot Camp announced in central Florida.

Montana Code School is recruiting for a new Bozeman campus.

Whew, that was a lot of news! Our takeaways? We're keeping an eye on job guarantees in online schools, new launches in smaller US markets, and collaborations between bootcamps + universities in February. 

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