Cracking the Coding Bootcamp Interview: Software Guild

By Imogen Crispe
Last updated on January 4, 2022

The Software Guild offers their pre-work course for free to anyone who is interested in applying to the coding bootcamp. We asked the Software Guild admissions team to explain the new pre-work offering, and give us some tips and hints for getting through Software Guild’s unique admissions and interview process. Find out about the written part of the process, the coding audition, and the Software Guild interview. Plus try out a mini aptitude quiz to see if coding is for you!


How long does the Software Guild application typically take? What are the general steps that an applicant should expect?

The initial application only takes a few minutes to complete. After we receive the application, we will contact the applicant to set a time for the interview over the phone. The next step after that would be to complete an aptitude test. After the aptitude test, the applicant will submit an essay. After we receive the essay, the applicant's file will be considered complete, and we will forward it on for review.

What goes into the written application? What types of questions do students answer?

The application itself is quite short. However, the essay portion of the application process involves answering the following questions/prompts:

  • Why have you chosen to learn programming?
  • Why have you chosen the bootcamp approach over other educational options?
  • What kind of learner are you?
  • Tell us more about yourself.

We recommend a minimum of two paragraphs per question. The essay is a formal essay, so grammar and spelling are important. We also encourage applicants to let their personalities shine through the essay. It is their first opportunity to make an impression on the instructors.

Does the admissions process involve a technical challenge, or any type of aptitude test?

Yes, the Software Guild requires a quiz as part of the admissions process. Check out our small sample aptitude quiz.

The aptitude quiz is an online quiz with a time limit of 60 minutes. Once the applicant begins the test, they will have exactly one hour to complete it. The questions relate to problem solving, attention to detail, pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and basic algebra. There are a total of 29 questions, and applicants must correctly answer a minimum of 16 in order to move forward in the process.

We will also be conducting an audition before final acceptance is granted.  This will consist of a code-along with an instructor, utilizing skills the apprentice will have learned in the Introduction to Web Development course.

Audition & Interview

What happens in the “audition” part of the application process? Why is this better than the typical bootcamp application process?

The audition is a live, but virtual, sit-down with one of our master instructors where students will be asked to work on a code-along applying knowledge from the Introduction to Web Development course.  This is not only a chance for us to see someone code live, which eliminates the ability to Google the code and submit it as their own, but is also a chance for our instructors to get a read on the individual.

Can you give us some sample questions from the interview?

Some sample questions from the interview are:

  • Why are you interested in doing our program at this point in your life
  • Do you have any previous coding experience?
  • Are you willing to make the time commitment?
  • How would you describe your learning style?
  • Do you consider yourself to be more of a leader or a follower?

How can beginners get ready for the Software Guild interview?

Beginners can prepare by doing some preliminary research about which coding language they would like. They should be ready to talk about their employment and education backgrounds, their personalities, their goals, and how the Software Guild fits into those overall goals. It is important for applicants to remain professional during their phone interview and to honor the times they set up with their enrollment counselors, just as they would an interview for a job.


Tell us about the new pre-work. Why open up pre-work to everyone?

Our pre-work, or Introduction to Web Development course, has been an invaluable tool for students to determine if coding and development is right for them before they have the monetary and time commitment of the full bootcamp. Our plan is to move the pre-work to the beginning of the process, before someone even applies, to allow them to get their feet wet and decide if coding is right for them before they go through the entire application process.  This will be free and available to anyone because you never know who will have an aptitude for coding!

What does the pre-work curriculum cover and how long should it take?

The pre-work includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git, and it helps students form a strong foundation before beginning the program. It should take between two to eight weeks depending on how much time the student can dedicate weekly.

Can someone be a complete beginner before starting the pre-work? If not, what are a few resources that you suggest applicants use before Day 1 of pre-work?

Yes, it is possible, but it requires focus, dedication, and determination. One resource we suggest for complete beginners is There are free courses available, and it is a user-friendly site. It is important for students to understand the type of work they will be doing in the program before they begin it.

How well does the pre-work prepare students for the application/audition process? How likely are they to be accepted to Software Guild after completing the pre-work?

The Introduction to Web Development course should provide all of the knowledge a student would need to pass the audition and start the bootcamp.  We do not know how the acceptance rates will be for this new process, but if they complete the Intro to Web Dev course and are ready to do the code-along, they are likely to be accepted unless any other red-flags are present.

Getting Accepted

How does your team evaluate an applicant’s future potential? What qualities are you looking for?

We evaluate based on motivations, past experiences, and professionalism. We look for students who are ready to dedicate the necessary time and focus to completing the program and are not just interested in coding because they heard it can be a lucrative career option. We want students who are passionate and enthusiastic. Students who enjoy working in groups and solving problems tend to do well in the program. Prior exposure to coding and technology is also helpful.

What types of backgrounds have successful Software Guild students had? Does everyone come from a technical background?

We have had students from all backgrounds and age ranges excel in the program. Many of our students have not come from a technical background but have been interested in getting started or turning a hobby into a career.

What is the current acceptance rate at Software Guild?

Currently we are at a 25% acceptance rate from students that interviewed.

Are students accepted on a rolling basis?


Does Software Guild accept international students? Can Software Guild help international students get student visas/tourist visas to do the program?

Yes, we have had several successful international students. However, we do not assist with the visa process. It is up to individual students to make their own arrangements for visas.

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