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We know that the majority of graduates are finding jobs after coding bootcamp, but what happens in their careers two years down the line? Flatiron School recently surveyed more than 150 alumni who graduated 1 to 4 years ago to find out how their careers have progressed. We asked Flatiron School’s VP of Career Services, Rebekah Rombom, what coding bootcampers can expect their career trajectories to look like, and how they can position themselves for raises and promotions. Watch the video or read the summary.

Your First Job 

What can Flatiron School graduates expect in their first jobs after bootcamp?

Salary after Coding Bootcamp

How much are they getting paid?

Are Flatiron School alumni getting raises and promotions?

Career After Bootcamp

What does the Flatiron Alumni Survey show about Career Progression?

What types of jobs do you see after two years?

How can bootcamp grads position themselves for promotions and added responsibility in their jobs?

Flatiron Alumni Network

How does Flatiron School keep in touch with alumni?

Find out more and read Flatiron School reviews on Course Report. Check out the Flatiron School website.

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