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Full Stack Flex Program at DigitalCrafts

By Lauren Stewart
Last updated on May 11, 2017

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The DigitalCrafts team wanted to make their Python and JavaScript curriculum accessible to students with full-time jobs, so they’re launching a flexible, part-time program in July. We asked DigitalCrafts Co-Founder, Jake Hadden, how the new Full Stack Flex program compares with the Full Stack Immersive Program, how students can balance their busy lives with learning to code on evenings and weekends, and how students in both programs will receive career support to jumpstart their careers in tech.


Why has DigitalCrafts decided to launch part-time programs?

Our Full Stack Immersive Program is certainly not going anywhere, but our goal at DigitalCrafts is to make the classroom as accessible as possible to the hard-working learner or what we like to call DigitalCrafts builders. Absorbing the material and curriculum typically reserved for a 16-week full-time immersive class will be no easy feat, so the Full Stack Flex Program is 6 months long, and will maintain the same selective admissions process that has been the cornerstone of our alumni success to date.

What is the structure and time commitment of the part-time program?

The Flex program will last a total of 24 weeks and class will take place in the evenings two nights a week from 6:30pm to 9:30pm as well as every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. We’ve also incorporated two weekends where students will be expected to spend two full days on campus. Think of these weekend sprints kind of like your standard day in the Immersive class.

While the time commitment is more flexible than the full-time program, we do understand people have priorities and life outside of class. To that end, we’re excited to announce our new classroom will be enabled with live streaming and recording capabilities which will allow students to live-stream the class from home or watch a recording of the class online if they are unable to attend a specific day.

If your students are employed in full-time jobs already, are you expecting to see people upskilling for their current jobs, or career changers, or both?

I imagine the students that will make up the Flex program will encompass both career changers and those who are up-skilling for their current employer.

How will the admissions process differ from the full-time admissions process?

The DigitalCrafts admissions process is the cornerstone of our alumni success and will be the same for the Flex program and for the Immersive program. We are looking for aspiring developers who have the right level of passion, are a strong culture fit, and also have the aptitude to pass the DigitalCrafts code challenge. Each student who applies will have to complete an online application, an in-person or remote interview, and a seven-question JavaScript code challenge. You’ll only have three attempts to pass the challenge, so make sure to get it right on the first attempt!

How many students are you expecting to be in the part-time program? Will the classes be bigger or smaller than the immersive program? 

We are expecting a sold-out class for the first Flex program launching at our Atlanta campus on July 11. To date, our average class size is around 15 students which provides for a personal and hands-on learning experience. Our mission is to provide a top-notch experience for each student, and we’ve found a small class size allows each student to receive the level of support he or she needs throughout this journey. Class sizes for the Full Stack Immersive and Flex will remain the same.

Could you highlight the differences between the full-time Full Stack Immersive vs the part-time Full Stack Flex curriculum?

The Flex program is for those builders who aren’t looking to leave their full-time job to attend a bootcamp, that’s it! Our goal is to provide the same experience across both the Immersive and Flex program. As an example, students in both programs will complete our rigorous curriculum which covers the Fundamentals of Programming with Python and Full Stack Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and PostgreSQL.

Will students be required to do more homework/take-home projects for the part-time program than the full-time program?

Since the Flex program will have fewer “in-class hours” than the full-time program, students will be expected to complete homework, exercises, and take-home projects outside of the classroom. Students should expect to spend 20 hours per week outside of the classroom working on curriculum.

How many instructors will be teaching the part-time program? How and when can students reach out to them outside of class hours?

We’ve brought on a great team to lead the Flex program. Over the course of the 6 months, students will have access to two Lead Instructors and an Operations Assistant to ensure they are supported throughout the program. We require the Lead Instructors to be available during office hours and actual class, but we are pretty adamant about making sure they get some rest as well! Students will always have access to the DigitalCrafts community of builders which consists of current students, instructors, staff, and alumni via Slack. This is a great resource for those students who are looking for additional support outside of class hours.

Will the flex students and the immersive students ever interact or collaborate on anything? If so how?

This is a detail we are actively investigating. Flex students will complete two weekend sprints throughout the course which would be a great opportunity for a weekend hackathon or group projects across classes. We’ll make sure to announce this once we’ve finalized the details!

Will students be able to enroll in DigitalCrafts’ Elective courses like in the full-time Full Stack Immersive?

Yes! Flex students will have the option to enroll in any DigitalCrafts elective upon graduating from the program. Since our electives also take place in the evening, we wouldn’t want a student to enroll in both courses at once and potentially become overwhelmed. Elective courses are available to all DigitalCrafts alumni.

How will career services work for the part-time Full Stack Flex program compared with the Full-Time Immersive?

Again, our goal is to provide the same experience across the Immersive and Flex programs. Students who opt-in to career services in the Flex program will receive the same level of support from our Student Services team. This includes guidance around creating an online presence, drafting a resume, developing a portfolio, participating in mock-interview training, and exposure to our employer partners. Our goal at DigitalCrafts is to prepare all of our students with the abilities to achieve their goals.

What is your advice for students embarking on a part-time program? Any tips for getting the most out of it while balancing other commitments?

My advice for any student who is considering a bootcamp whether that be a full-time or part-time course is the same. It’s extremely important to make sure you can set aside an adequate amount of time during the course and that you have an unyielding passion for learning this skill set. Programming is difficult to learn and doesn’t come easy, and our students have to be fully committed before, during and after graduating from the program.

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