Thinking about applying to App Academy? With locations in San Francisco and New York, and their well-known option of deferred payment (until you get a job), App Academy is a great option for future bootcampers. But the App Academy acceptance rate is less than 5%- so applicants need to ace the coding challenges to be admitted. We're covering the App Academy interview and application process with input from our Q&As with App Academy alumni and founder, Kush Patel.

App Academy's Advice:

From founder Kush Patel:

"We are cool with complete beginners, and have seen complete beginners be extremely successful in the course, and go on to work for fantastic companies and make crazy salaries. Our application process is customized to the applicant. If someone comes to us with no experience, we’ll assign them some introductory exercises and give them a coding test that would be appropriate for them. We do multiple coding tests and interviews to really get a sense of the applicant." Kush Patel, Founder

What to Expect during the App Academy Interview:

From their website:

The length of time from application to enrollment varies by student. Some factors include general availability to complete our pre-course work and prior coding experience (though not necessary). The admissions process can take anywhere from 1 week to several months, depending on the applicant. Students should be in contact with their admissions specialist to discuss a recommended timeline to complete this process in time for their preferred cohort.​​​​​​​

Technical Interview

The technical interview consists of one guaranteed coding challenge and a second coding test if App Academy decides you're ready to move forward. "After filling out the application, I received an invitation for a coding assessment. They sent me a second assessment shortly after I completed the first one, followed by a 15-question problem set. I spent about 20 hours on those exercises. I then had two live coding exercises." says Sarah, an App Academy Alum. 

"There were a couple of coding challenges which they provided prep material to study for." TJ, App Academy Alum

Non-Technical Interview

Remember that in a code school interview, you should be asking a ton of questions too! Here are 10 questions we suggest asking in a coding bootcamp interview

"The second [coding challenge] included a mini-interview with Kush, the founder of App Academy." Sarah, App Academy Alum

"After the coding challenges I went on to interview with one of the cofounders and had a final live coding challenge. We did all of that over Skype." TJ, App Academy Alum

How to Prepare for App Academy Interviews:

The App Academy Coding Challenge should be no mystery to applicants, because App Academy publishes all of their Coding Challenges and Prep Work on Github! The more prep work you can complete before starting the application, the better (it's unclear if rejected applicants can re-apply, but as a precaution, you should not expect a second chance). Start Here:

From App Academy students:

"After I applied, App Academy sent me a list of resources to help me prepare for the first coding challenge. They suggested Codecademy and Ruby Monk, but I also searched for beginning Ruby tutorials. There’s a lot of good material out there." Sarah, App Academy Alum

"I was used to the concepts already because I had been teaching myself. I studied to program video games at DigiPen so when I dropped out, I continued coding for fun. I made lots of very simple games like Bejeweled and little shoot-em-ups." TJ, App Academy Alum

While the App Academy curriculum teaches Ruby on Rails, applicants have been known to complete the coding challenge in JavaScript or Python

Application Length

  • According to App Academy alum Sarah, the entire application process, from start-to-acceptance, took about 2 months. 
  • App Academy says that you'll have a decision within 2 days of the final interview, but this can vary.
  • Coding Challenges are timed — you have up to 45 minutes to complete these!

Good Luck!

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