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Can anyone learn data science? What do you need to know before you go to data science bootcamp? Do you need a quantitative degree? We asked Metis’s Chief Data Scientist, Deborah Berebichez, how to know if you’re ready for a data science bootcamp, and how to set yourself up for success before the first day of class. Watch the video or read the summary.


Tip 1: Understand what a data science bootcamp is




Tip 2: A little preparation goes a long way




Tip 3:  Embrace the data science attitude


“Being a good data scientist means that you can turn data into actionable insights for business.”



Tip 4: Set yourself up for success

“Let me be honest: a data science bootcamp is going to be hard!”




Follow Deborah on Twitter @debbiebere. Deborah will also be a panelist at Metis’s free online conference Demystifying Data Science on September 27! Read Metis reviews on Course Report.

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