30 Coding Bootcamps for High School Students

By Rachel Meltzer
Last Updated June 23, 2022

While most immersive coding bootcamps are designed for adult career-changers, there’s a rising number of summer bootcamps, pre-college programs, and online bootcamps now geared towards high school students and rising college freshmen. More kids and high school students than ever are learning to code and turning to bootcamps to learn practical programming languages, build hands-on projects, and pair program to prepare for today’s tech industry. We’ve rounded up coding bootcamps for a variety of learners – whether you’re searching for a summer coding program, a college alternative, a productive gap year coding school, or an online coding course. 


  • There are over 25 coding bootcamps and coding programs designed for high school students, and some progams were specifically created to support girls and gap-year students in tech. 
  • Coding bootcamps may also be a great opportunity for recent high school graduates who are taking a gap year. 
  • Some pre-college bootcamps even offer college credit!

Why are high schoolers enrolling at coding bootcamps?

9 out of 10 parents want their child to study computer science, but only 1 out of 4 schools actually teach programming (Gallup poll). Coding bootcamps are a great way for high schoolers to learn the tech skills used by today's modern tech workforce. In a coding bootcamp, students receive mentorship and hands-on tech training from industry experts. A coding bootcamp is an excellent way for a high school student to build their knowledge base while test-driving a possible tech career. 

At a coding bootcamp for adults, you should expect career services and job placement; this is not expected at a high school coding programs. 

For recently graduated high school students, choosing a coding bootcamp during your gap year can help you learn in-demand skills and build a resume with relevant experience. The Gap Year Association reports that 88% of college grads who took a gap year reported the gap year significantly added to their employability. 


Table of Contents

  Coding Bootcamps for High School Students Gap Year Coding Programs
  Coding Bootcamps for High School Girls Pre-College Coding Bootcamps
  Online Coding Courses for High Schoolers Coding Bootcamps for Kids

Coding Bootcamps for High School Students

1. Code Galaxy Software Development Bootcamp

Code Galaxy offers an immersive, online Software Development bootcamp for high school students considering tech careers and/or wanting to get a headstart on their programming career. The bootcamp curriculum covers HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and database development. Students will learn how to build software and web applications from the ground up.

Who it’s for: High school students who have basic coding experience. 
Length of program: 2 weeks
Location: Online

2. Galvanize x K12

Galvanize is a software engineering immersive bootcamp. They’re partnering with K12, the leaders of Destinations Career Academy, to provide full-time and part-time coding bootcamps for high school graduates. The bootcamps also offer career services. 

Who it’s for: High school, Destinations Career Academy, and K12 graduates. This program is great for students ready to commit to a career in tech. 
Length of program: 6-13 weeks
Location: Online

3. Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI)

CSSI is a summer introduction to computer science for students from underrepresented groups in the field. It’s an intensive, interactive, hands-on, and fun program that focuses on the path to a tech career, confidence building, and skills. Students will create projects with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Google App Engine. They’ll also work on job prep, get time with Google Engineers, and participate in community activities. They offer a few groups including CSSI-HBCU for students considering attending a Historically Black College or University, CSSI-Extension for students looking at specific tech schools partnered with Google, and CSSI at Google for students not considering an HBCU or partner school. 

Who it’s for: Rising High School Seniors from underrepresented groups. 
Length of program: 3-weeks
Class size: 10 students
Upcoming start dates: July 11, 2022

4. iDTech Virtual Tech Camps & STEM Programs

iDTech’s virtual tech courses include after school programs and virtual summer camps. Students can learn Python, Java, Minecraft, Roboblox, Unity, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more. 

Who it’s for: Ages 7-19. With a range of skill levels, iDTech is great for the student who knows which specific skills they want to work on. It’s a good introduction to tech or single skill sharpener.
Length of program: 1-12 weeks
Class size: 5 students
Upcoming start dates: Rolling Admissions

5. NextGen Bootcamp

NextGen Bootcamp offers live online computer classes for high school and college students. Students can learn web development, data science, graphic design, and business with live online summer courses. 

Who it’s for: High school and college students, no prior experience is necessary. This is a good introduction to specific coding languages and skills.  
Length of program: 2-5weeks
Location: Online
Upcoming start dates: Java Programming Summer Program and Computer Science Summer Certificate Program on June 27, 2022; Python Data Science Summer Program on July 18, 2022 

6. The Coding School 

The Coding School is a nonprofit that partners with UCLA, USC, Villanova University, and Brown University. They teach 4 year programs in high schools in California, virtual summer camps, and they also offer online coding lessons called Code Connects for high schoolers. At summer camp students can learn fundamentals of computer science, data structures, artificial intelligence, cyber security, college computer science prep, full stack web development, mobile app development, 3D game development, data science, fntech, and computational genomics. 

Who it’s for: Grades 4-12, no prior experience is necessary. Students with learning disabilities or from minority groups are encouraged to apply. With a wide variety of topics, languages, and skills for students to pick from, this is an introductory bootcamp that can also serve more advanced students. 
Length of program: 2-months to 4-years
Class size: 1-5 students
Upcoming start dates: June 27, July 11, July 25, August 1, 2022

7. Upperline Code

Upperline offers virtual coding courses that use real-world tools and project-based learning to teach Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and more.  They offer Summer programs and single-session workshops that are topic-specific or grouped by schooling level (middle school or high school).

Who it’s for: Ages 11-18. Upperline is an introductory bootcamp that would prepare students well for formal coding bootcamps or computer science degrees. 
Length of program: 1 day to 2-weeks
Class size: 20 students
Upcoming start dates: Rolling Admissions


Coding Bootcamps For High School Girls

8. Kode with Klossy

Kode with Klossy is a summer coding bootcamp for young women. Scholars at the camps will be introduced to Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Swift.  

Who it’s for: Ages 13-18. This is an introductory bootcamp. 
Length of program: 2-weeks
Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Portland, St. Louis, San Francisco, Seattle, D.C

9. New York Tech Scholars

New York Tech Scholars is an online, all-girls’ coding bootcamp. Students will learn about women in tech throughout history and code games, apps, and websites that make a difference in the world. The online course is live with an instructor, a mentory, and a virtual community of girls to pair-program with. 

Who it’s for: This program is for high school girls in the US. It’s an introductory bootcamp. 
Length of program: 4 days to 4 weeks
Location: New York City
Upcoming start dates: July 11-August 15, 2022

10. Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program

Girls Who Code is an empowering nonprofit that runs summer immersion camps, lecture series, clubs, college groups, and at-home coding curriculum for girls of all ages. They have locations in the US, Canada, UK, and India. The 2020 summer immersion program will be run virtually in the wake of COVID-19. Students will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. 

Who it’s for: Girls grades 10-12. This is an introductory bootcamp. 
Length of program: 2 weeks
Locations: US, Canada, UK, and India

Online Coding Courses for High Schoolers

11. Code Avengers

Students will learn HTML and CSS, and JavaScript in project-based step by step courses. Projects include websites, apps, games, and more. 

Who it’s for: Ages 4-18
Length of program: Self-Paced

12. Design the Future

In this award-winning design thinking & STEM summer program, high school students learn how to design and build products for individuals with disabilities. Professional designers are the lead instructors, and students will learn UI/UX design principles, such as persona creation, storyboarding, wireframing, app layout, and app design as well as building their own real apps.

Who it’s for: students in grades 8th-12th
Length of program: 2 weeks

13. iDTech

iDTech offers courses in coding, game development, robotics, and creative arts to take students from beginner to college-bound. They offer online and in-person courses. 

Who it’s for: Ages 7-19 
Length of program: 1-week
Upcoming start dates: Rolling Admissions

14. Juni Learning

Juni Learning offers private online classes in computer science and mathematics for kids. Their curriculum covers Python and Java with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

Who it’s for: Kids ages 8-18 from introductory to college-level.
Length of program: 3-6 months
Class size: 1-4 students

15. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is a live learning platform offering online coding courses and private online tutoring for students K-12.  

Who it’s for: Ages 5-19 
Length of program: variable depending on course
Upcoming start dates: Rolling Admissions

Gap Year Coding Programs

For those considering a gap year, coding bootcamps may be the answer to learning the tech skills used by today’s tech workforce. These coding bootcamps accept applications from promising high school graduates:

16. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor is an immersive coding school where students learn full stack development through lectures, personal projects, and group projects. They offer online and in-person courses. Hack Reactor integrates online job preparation into their curriculum and often places their alumni in mid-to-senior level positions in tech. 

Who it’s for: Hack Reactor is a great summer bootcamp, gap year, or replacement for college. They accept students over the age of 18. 
Length of program: 12 weeks. 
Locations: Austin, Denver, Boulder, LA, NY, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle
Upcoming start dates: July 18, 2022

17. Thinkful

Thinkful is an online coding bootcamp that pairs students with 1-on-1 mentoring with an industry professional. Thinkful’s programs include Engineering Immersion and Data Science Immersion but they also offer flexible programs in engineering, data science, product design, product management, data analytics, and digital marketing. They also offer career guidance, lifetime access to their course curriculum, and an online Slack student community. 

Who it’s for: Thinkful is for the high school graduate who is serious about making tech their career or someone who wants to go to coding bootcamp instead of college. No experience is required and all students will take a precourse before they start bootcamp. 
Length of program: The Immersive programs are 5-months and require a commitment of 50 hours per week and the Flex programs are 6-months with a 20 hour per week requirement.
Class size: Thinkful’s Immersive bootcamps are a live online format with about 12 students per class.
Upcoming start dates: Rolling Admissions

18. Holberton School

Holberton School is a software engineering school that takes students through three phases: Foundations, Internships, and Specializations. They teach through project-based, peer learning. They offer internships and career guidance for a well-rounded jump into the tech industry.

Who it’s for: Holberton School is the perfect alternative to college for the student who is serious about a career in tech. They accept students over the age of 18 and no experience is required.  
Length of program: 2-years
Class size: 50 students

19. General Assembly

General Assembly offers a variety of courses online and in-person for web and mobile development, product management, and data science. Their immersive bootcamps cover relevant, in-demand skills along with career coaching. They also offer 1-2 day workshops, evening and weekend classes, and on-demand learning. 

Who it’s for: General Assembly is great for the recent high school graduate who wants to dip their feet into shorter courses, someone looking to replace college with coding bootcamp, and the college student who wants to learn to code part-time instead of taking on an internship or job during college. They accept students 18+. 
Length of program: 1-2 days to 10 weeks 
Class size: 22 students
Upcoming start dates: June 6, June 21, July 11, July 25, 2022

20. Momentum

Momentum's Software Engineering Immersive curriculum is organized into four, 4-week phases, which makes it easy for gap year students to learn. 

Who it’s for: Momentum is a good fit for students who are taking a gap year and are looking to gain tech skills with mentorship. Students can pay per curriculum phase, so they can start or stop the course whenever it works for them without the risk of a large, upfront cost. 
Length of program: four 4-week phases

Pre-College Coding Bootcamps

Most colleges and universities in the US offer summer courses, pre-college programs, or summer immersives. Many pre-college programs offer college credit or a certificate of completion. 

21. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs - AI4ALL

Stanford's AI4ALL online program aims to increase diversity in AI. The online program combines lectures, hands-on projects, and mentoring activities to teach students AI. 

Who it’s for: Grades 8-12
Length of program: 3-weeks
Location: Online

22. Georgetown University HOYA Summer Intro to Data Science

The virtual Introduction to Data Science Academy combines coding exercises, online presentations from data science experts, and discussions to get students acquainted with contemporary data science resources and best practices. Students will learn data collection and analysis, statistical analysis, basic R, data visualization, and presenting conclusions.

Who it’s for: Grades 9-12
Length of program: 1-week
Location: Washington, DC and online

23. Syracuse Summer College: Learn to Code

Learn to code online at Syracuse university. Students will learn how to code in Python. They’ll practice foundational components like procedural programming, control structures, and data structures to dive into PANDAS, requests, and visualization. 

Who it’s for: 2020 High School Graduates
Length of program: 3-weeks
Location: Online

24. UCLA Game Lab Summer Institute

The 2020 UCLA Game Lab will be conducted remotely. This institute covers game making as an artistic and technical practice. Students will develop aesthetic and technical foundations in various aspects of game design, learn how to express their own ideas, create compelling game characters, build game worlds, and program games. 

Who it’s for: Ages 14-18
Length of program: 2-weeks
Location: Los Angeles and online
Upcoming start dates: July 11, July 24, 2022 

25. New York University Tandon Summer STEM Programs

The 2020 STEM programs at Tandon will be remote. Students can choose from courses like XR Through Virtual Worlds, Connected Devices, and Machine Learning. 

Who it’s for: Ages 14-18
Length of program: 2-weeks
Locations: Online


Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science is a rigorous residential (remote for 2020) academic program for rising high school seniors of underrepresented or underserved communities. Students take one math course, one life sciences course, one physics course, one humanities course, and one electives course. Diagnostic tests determines math and science placements. Electives include computer science, electronics, engineering design, genomics, and architecture.   

Who it’s for: Rising High School Seniors from underserved communities with a good academic record and an interest in STEM. 
Length of program: 6-weeks
Location: Online


MIT Online Science, Technology, and Engineering Community program is for rising high school seniors from underserved communities. The program usually offers both in-person and online components but will be fully remote for 2020. The program is split into three phases. In the phase 1 students complete 2 online courses and 3 projects with mentors and student groups. In phase 2 attend a conference at MIT to present their projects, attend workshops, and community events. In phase 3 students work on enrichment. They interact with faculty, researchers, and industry professionals via webinars online and write online blogs. They’ll also be able to talk with admissions about attending MIT. 

Who it’s for: Rising high school seniors in good academic standing who are from underserved communities. 
Length of program: 6-months
Location: Online

28. Columbia Engineering High School Coding Academy

Students will explore the field of computer programming and cover a range of fundamental front end web development technologies through skills-based learning. This Boot Camp is offered through Columbia Engineering in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand. 

Who it’s for: High School Students Ages 13-18, no prior experience is necessary.
Length of program: 13-weeks
Location: Online
Upcoming Start Dates: June 28, 2022

29. Northwestern High School Coding Camp

Students will benefit from hands-on learning with maximum support. The remote classroom environment allows students to ask questions, easily get help from instructional staff, and collaborate with their peers. This program is offered through the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies in collaboration with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand.

Who it’s for: High School Students Ages 14-18, no prior experience is necessary.
Length of program: 3-weeks
Location: Online

30. Rice University High School Coding Program

Students will gain valuable workforce development and life skills applicable to future experiences, from critical-thinking and problem-solving to teamwork and effective communication. This program is offered through Rice University’s Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, in partnership with Trilogy Education Services, a 2U, Inc. brand.

Who it’s for: High School Students Ages 13-18, no prior experience is necessary.
Length of program: 13-weeks
Location: Online

Coding Bootcamps for Kids


  • Robotics and coding courses for kids 6 and up.
  • Offers after school courses, summer camps, online, and in-person programs starting at $160 and up.


  • Collection of online coding courses, quests, and challenges for kids.
  • Monthly subscription of $25 or yearly subscription of $149.99

Code Galaxy

  • Collection of online coding classes, bootcamps, and 1:1 tutoring for elementary school and high school students.
  • Monthly subscriptions available for classes. Bootcamp is $1,999 upfront or monthly payment plan available.

  • Collection of online coding courses for kids from pre-reader to 9th grade-level.
  • Free!


  • 1-week and 3-week summer coding camps for kids and teens. 
  • $447-$559 per course.

Coding With Kids

  • Live online coding programs for kids ages 5-18.
  • Cost per course ranges from $119 - $360.

Juni Learning

  • Online courses in Computer Science for kids ages 8-18.
  • Group courses are $179/month; private courses are $250/month.

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