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Vivixx Academy Coding Bootcamp offers a direct pathway for students with no prior coding experience to become employable developers in 6 months. This training will provide students with the in-demand technical tools like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Students spend 8 hours in the class, 5 days a week learning these skills. Vivixx Academy culminates in an internship where students practice their new skills with a real company. 

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      William • Student Verified via LinkedIn
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      I was part of Coder Academy's affiliated offshoot in Baguio City, Philippines (Started June 2017) which was the Fast Track Program that Coder Academy offers.  I withdrew from the program after 8 weeks due to the curriculum.  The Bootcamp in Baguio was endorsed by Coder Academy and the entire program ran off of Coder Academy's course.  This review will be primarily about Coder Academy's course and there teaching methodology.


      • A well developed course that provided all the necessary training material

      • One on One Instruction

      • Code Reviews to improve my programming skills

      • Go from beginner to intermediate/professional

      What was actually delivered:

      • The curriculum's coursework was very basic on all topic's covered, we were told to find 3rd party learning material to progress further
      • In the 8 Weeks I only got one instance of one on one instruction for less that an hour which was basically something they did to "check-off" that they provided it.
      • In the entire 8 Weeks I never recieved a single coder review...
      • I did progress but not due to the program's curriculum..Udemy & Team Treehouse were more beneficial

      At around week 3-4 I knew there was a problem with the curriculum but I stuck with it for several more weeks to see if it would change.  It didn't. 

      At around week 8 the thing that got me to quit the program was Coder Academy's Academic Director at the time Trent Shields was doing a live stream and when asked where did the curriculum come from he said "You don't need to go to our Bootcamp.  All the material is online for free." a little while later he said."We(meaning Coder Academy) didn't create it .  We let more intelligent people then us do that".

      Throughout the entire program while I was there when you had a problem you were told to "Google it" and if you struggled long enough then the instructor or assistant would come assist.

      I came to learn how to program and utilize my time as efficiently as possible.  I shouldn't have to google for further training material or waste time on a problem when I'm paying thousand's of dollars for a guided learning program.  

      My cohort started with 21 people, 20 Graduated, only 3 have obtained job's.

      I would not recommend Coder Academy.  I got more learning from a single Udemy course then the curriculum they provided to us in Baguio.