Pen and Paper Coding

New York City

Pen and Paper Coding

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New York City

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72 Allen St 3rd Floor, New York, NY
NoLangIn PersonPart Time4 Hours/week

The course covers nearly all of the basic materials you will need to master in order to solve real programming problems. A heavy emphasis will be for you to start thinking algorithmically and to start “thinking in code”. Being able to do so, and being able to execute code in your head, is one of the core learning objectives of this course, and something that you will find useful throughout your programming journey.

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Minimum Skill Level
Basic Computer Knowledge
NoLangIn PersonPart Time4 Hours/week

In the second course of the Pen and Paper Coding series, students will practice everything they learned in Programming 101 on a real computer. Students will build a command line application from start to finish, thus gaining confidence and experience as programmers. The course is 5 weeks long, consists of 100% practical programming, and is currently only open to students who have completed Programming 101.

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Minimum Skill Level
Only open to students who have completed Programming 101.
NoLang, GitIn PersonPart Time4 Hours/week

In this course, students will learn all the infrastructure they need to deploy their applications to a server. This includes the following topics: UNIX deep-dive The Git version control system Authentication using public / private keys Setting up a production server in the cloud Relational database theory Configuring a web server and serving static pages

Course Details

Minimum Skill Level
Only open to students enrolled in Programming 101 or Programming 102.

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