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The Disruption Institute aims to turn Kansas City into the world leader for mobile innovation by teaching students how to build mobile apps in iOS. Disruption Institute is an intensive 12-week program focused on getting students to build and ship ideas and learn by doing instead of through lectures. Students in the Disruption Institute will learn Objective C, dev methodologies like test driven development and agile development, UX & UI, soft skills, entrepreneurship, and Git & source control. The program is ideal for motivated individuals that are self-starters who take initiative and enjoy the challenge of solving problems.

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    • Mobile Apps (iOS)

      Mobile, iOS, Objective-C, Swift
      In PersonPart Time12 Hours/week9 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      LocationKansas City
      Refund / Guarantee$1500 if placed through the school's job placement program
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelBasic computer knowledge
      Placement TestNo
    • Anonymous • Graduate
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      My coding journey began with trying to learn coding (Swift, specifically) via online videos and google results in spring of 2015. I had very strong tech knowledge, but no background in any coding.  I struggled at home because I did not have the right learning environment and difficulty allocating my personal time.  While exploring podcasts about learning to code (SO: CodeNewbie), I stumbled onto the concept of a coding boot camp and that seemed like the perfect solution for me.  As a KC local, I was excited to find DI and yet was a little hesitant about the ROI. I was convinced after the KC Star wrote an article that featured DI and discussed the unfilled tech positions in town.  The yearning to follow through with this ambition and the validation that article gave was enough for me to sign up.

      The program was extremely demanding, but manageable.  The instructor was very well spoken and very knowledgable about Swift, the Apple ecosphere and the development community around it.  The class structure was lectures M-W for 3 hours at a fast, understandable pace and coding projects on Thursdays.  Those projects were focused on implementing the technologies and frameworks that the lectures and readings for that week covered.  After 8 weeks of that format, the final 2 were about basic job related concepts like agile and then we worked on our final project.  There was discussion and coaching about what that app should be, yet I think I aimed a little too high as the complexity of my app was difficult to complete in time.  I only missed 1 day of the entire course and was borderline obsessed with the entire experience.  I do believe that you get out of the class what you put into it an you can't stop where the curriculum ends. The outcomes you want will not be handed to you without the extra effort and hard work. 

      So there are 2 key outcomes that should be mentioned:  skill and job assistance.  Truthfully, to be proficient in any programming language after 10 weeks is going to be difficult and DI will probably not provide that for you.  It WILL give you strong foundations for developing in Swift and, if you have the passion, the inspiration to continue learning at a blistering pace.  I am very proud of how my project app turned out.  Since the course, I have continued reading books and blogs on Swift to implement new and better design patterns to my app.  The second outcome of job assistance has been very positive for me.  The founder, Mike Gelphman, was influential with helping me find a new career at a local, yet notable company as a software developer intern.  He prepared a great promotional video about my time at DI and was in constant communications suggesting more reading materials and other helpful insights during the interview and job hunt process months after I completed the course. 

      Overall, my experience at the Disruption Institute has been life changing and I am certain that future students will have the same opportunity I had to jumpstart their coding journey to whatever end they choose. 

    • DI Job Placement
      - 3/29/2016
      M Castro • Freelance iOS Developer • Graduate
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      Disruption Institiute gave me the tools I needed to completely change my career. I was a professional chef with no degree and no background in programming and now I am working on my second contract as an iOS Developer.

      Before I decided on DI, I spoke with a former graduate who convinced me that I could propel myself into an exciting new career with the skills I would learn. Little did I know how exciting it would actually be!

      The course was rigorous and required hard work. I struggled to keep up, but looking back on my experience, I feel like it prepared me for the challenges I would face in the 'real-world'.

      Soon after completing the course, Mike Gelphman led me to my first contract. The social media app that I worked on was intimately related to my final project at DI, and my employer was a great fit for me personally. Before I finished my first contract, Mike connected me with a contract-to-hire opportunity at a local start-up where I currently work.

      Throughout my time working on these contracts I have maintained contact with one of my teachers, who has been of great assistance when I need advice. He has helped me find the solution to countless problems in my short career.

      I feel that Mike Gelphman and the Disruption Institute have a genuine interest in furthering my mobile development carreer. I am greatful that they have provided the kind of fast track career boost that cannot be found anywhere else in the area. 


    • Dreamer • same job • Graduate
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      Applied for DI late 2014. Received a call for an interview Spring 2015. Compared to other popular Coding Bootcamps, DI webpage is not very forthcoming with information. 

      Received an interview early 2015, It was fairly decent. When I got accepted in Disruption Institute. I received a couple of links to non-related DI sites for pre-work. I was so excited to finally feel like my career was going to change. Program starts, I find out Micheal has no programming experience. Ok, thats fine, I said. Three different teachers for each day of the week. Final project work on every Thursday with no teacher, one mentor sometimes.

      There were many occasions the teachers were teaching the class giving opinional ideas about ios development. No books were provided, no course outline, no timeframe for projects. No accountability. Teachers were too busy with there day job to devote any real time to help us learn. Teachers were only avaiiable during class time. A forum was setup two weeks after class started. Seemed to be throw together.  Leturces were 2-3 hours and an hour for code. 

      We had internet connectivity problems for about a month. Due to the lack of technical knowledge of the organizer. 

      Micheal was very polite and professional. I think he was more focused on selling his company, then concerned about the class learning. A photographer was brought in during class time to take our pictures. This was very distracting for a student trying to learn. Micheal  asked throughout the program how were things going. Mutliple student expressed problems, but midway through an 8 week bootcamp is too late.

      Bootcamp is a rushed 8 weeks, with no class on Friday. Last two weeks without an instructor and sprinkle in one mentor. By demo day, two students out of 10 had there projects complete. One student quit objective-c and said he was learning swift.

      Demo Day was delayed another two weeks out than orginally scheduled. A month after the program was suppose to be completed. 


    • Anonymous
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      The passion is there, the owner Michael is nice, yet, I could of spent 6000 grand learned the same information online, and 4000 to visit other tech Meccas, and start a business. It is a throw you in the fire reality. Ideally you won't learn to code per se, you'll get fundamentals. Mentors are non-existent. Michael is scattered and needs direction. He has great vision. I believe he has good intentions. He needs a new set-up. At the moment I'm wondering if my 6000 was a viable investment. I met some cool people, and his seminar was awesome. Reality though most of the things we learned have changed, and changed dramatically. Job placement for a newbie is next to impossible. Focus on projects, and pay good attention. Once the kinks get worked out it will be a great incumbator, can't really call it a school. Just an honest assessment.