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Coder Vox aims to give their graduates the skills needed to be proficient and independent coders. If you are a non-technical person who is interested in programming or looking to change careers, Coder Vox wants to help you break into the web development industry.

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    I am a former Special Education Teacher that always has been interested in design and programming and considered pursuing it for a few years.   I work at a school for 4 years, but realized that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I decided to do some research on places to educate me in Austin. I found Coder Vox online and decided to give it a shot.  After seeing that they were open to anyone, no matter what the experience they had, that won me over.

    I expected to learn a lot about web development from Coder Vox.  My expectations were exceeded!  I felt a little overwhelmed at first not having a lot of experience.  When I expressed this to the staff, they were quick to put my mind at ease and help me get on track.  Once they discovered that my talents were more geared for Front-End Programming, they tailored the course so that I could be the best Front-End guy I could be.

    I chose Coder Vox because of its desire to help anyone who wanted to learn to code and because of the culture there.  During my interview while applying to Coder Vox, I found that the people there were very friendly and welcoming, but also had a strong desire to help me succeed.

    The environment at Coder Vox was both relaxing and serious.  During class, the environment was serious, where people were determined to get work done.  During lunch time and breaks, people would just hangout and talk or play video games.  It was a place where people could come to learn and get work done, but also have some fun.

    I really enjoyed working with the Coder Vox Front-End instructor. The instructors and staff at Coder Vox are very open and helpful. Whenever I had questions or concerns, they would personally address them. I really appreciated the efforts they made to make us all feel comfortable.

    Coder Vox also did great at helping me in my job search. I had a great Developer job within a month thanks to the efforts of Coder Vox.  The Coder Vox staff helped me to set up my resume in a way that was very attractive to potential Web Development companies.  They were able to attract some of the top companies in Austin to come to the bootcamp and let us present our final projects to them.  They sought out available openings in whatever area of the country we wanted to go that would be the best for each student’s skill set.  By end of my job search, I had 3 offers to consider and at least 3 more that still wanted to interview me. As a student, Coder Vox was able to prepare me technically for my current position. By going to Coder Vox, not only am I ready to start my career, but I was able to land my dream job right off the bat.

    Coder Vox was a great ride and I highly recommend them for anyone wanting to pursue a career in Web Development.  

  • Ross Marino • Graduate
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    One of the best parts of the curriculum is that they start you from the ground up. You write messy procedural code so you can appreciate object-oriented programming. You write straight SQL so you can appreciate an ORM, or a graphic user interface that you use later. Then, when moving into frameworks, you can create and debug with more confidence with the knowledge of how it's done the hard/messy way.

    Another part of the course I thoroughly enjoyed is the ability to work on what you are passionate about. We had time in the middle of the course, as well as at the end, to work on something we felt was important or just fun. You'll learn so much and work very hard by doing something you're interested in.

    In addition, a couple guest speakers from different fields in software development came and talked about their own experiences and what they were working on, which was particularly inspiring and motivating.

    At times, I feel like there were some organizational issues but I believe these are easily fixed and did not significantly impact my experience.