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Beginex is a part-time, 8-week UX Design bootcamp in New York City. Students will advance their UX skills by applying them to a meaningful real-world problem from a social impact client organization while working under the guidance of expert mentors from companies like Meetup, ThoughtWorks and Google. Each of the 8 weeks is focused on one of the main phases of the UX process including research, user flows & sketching, wireframing, prototyping and user testing. ...

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  • Simone
    Student • Applicant
    Feb 19, 2021
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    Poor communication

    To be clear, I did not attend this bootcamp. This review will explain why. 

    I'm currently unemployed and decided to take a big leap in pursuing UX design. This review is based on my own vulnerabilities as a person who has no income and feels eager to start a career.

    In December of 2020 I spoke to the CEO and founder of this program to learn more about it. In our conversation, he told me the program would start "sometime between late-January to mid-February". I appreciated t...

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How much does Beginex cost?

Beginex costs around $3,595.

What courses does Beginex teach?

Beginex offers courses like UX Design.

Where does Beginex have campuses?

Beginex has an in-person campus in New York City.

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Is Beginex worth it?
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