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Las Vegas Coding Bootcamps

Our comprehensive guide to Las Vegas coding bootcamps, including the best Las Vegas code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

Learn Full-Stack Web Development to UX Design in

6 Courses at 2 Schools

All About Coding Bootcamps in Las Vegas:

When you hear Sin City the last thing you have on your mind are boot camps in Las Vegas. While Vegas’s main money maker is tourism, gambling and entertainment there are also a growing amount of startups designing tech solutions to compliment all the great things Vegas has to offer. Rolltech, Pigeonly, Neato Software, PriceSpot, Mentor, Animaker, and goPRit are just a few of the many tech based startups that call Las Vegas home.

The Iron Yard Las Vegas offers three different programs out of this particular location. They have a back end engineering course, a mobile engineering course, and a front end engineering intensive program.

Another Las Vegas bootcamp is Dev Point Labs. DevPoint Labs is an 11-week coding and entrepreneur bootcamp. From their Las Vegas location they host a full-stack web development bootcamp that covers Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and several other helpful web development technologies.

If you are in Las Vegas web development offers a lot of career opportunities. With the growing number of startups and tech accelerators in the city, simply attend a boot camp in Las Vegas and you will be well on your way to entering a career in software development.

Las Vegas coding bootcamps received an average 4.6 of 5 based on 203 reviews