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Student and alumni reviews are crucial to future bootcampers who are researching code schools, and we’re proud that over 5,000 grads have used Course Report to review their experience at 350+ bootcamps around the world.

And while we value anonymous reviews, our readers (and the industry) have been asking for more verification in the review process. So we recently introduced verified reviews – alumni reviews that are submitted with a valid email address and linked to a LinkedIn or GitHub account to prove that the reviewer applied to, attended, or graduated from the school they’re reviewing.

This process adds a little more weight and credibility to alumni reviews on Course Report, and gives future bootcampers even more insight into the coding bootcamp experience. You can still leave an unverified review, but our readers will put more trust in verified, non-anonymous reviews.

The Contest: Help a future student by leaving a verified review of your coding bootcamp experience before July 31, 2017. You'll be entered to win a $500 Amazon Giftcard!

Meet our last sweepstakes winner, Thomas from Le Wagon.

Sweepstakes Period: Entries will be accepted online starting on or about January 12, 2017 and ending July 31, 2017. All online entries must be received by July 31, 2017 11:59 PM EST.

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