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The 2 Tech Careers That Will Be In-Demand in 2022

Jess Feldman

Written By Jess Feldman

Last updated on February 16, 2022

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It’s no secret that technical talent is in high demand in 2022 – but which job titles should you be aware of in your job search? We caught up with Flatiron School’s Senior Director of Coaching, Mollie Khine, about the growing trends in today’s tech job market. Learn about the two job titles that Mollie is noticing on the rise for 2022, and which frameworks (and soft skills) employers are looking for right now in new hires. Plus, Mollie shares her insights about interviewing remotely in 2022.

Meet the Expert: Mollie Khine

  • Mollie Khine is the Senior Director Coaching at Flatiron School where she leads the career coaching department. 

#1: Remote Software Engineer

Every company needs software engineers now, and when we look at lists of the top 10 job titles for 2022, Software Engineer continues to be at the top of the list! At Flatiron School, we’re continuing to see about 50% of students accepting fully remote roles, 30% accepting hybrid roles with the balance accepting in-person roles. 

Software engineering is a great entry point for those looking to break into Tech, especially for people who have a natural proclivity to solve problems. 

The 4 Languages to Learn for Software Engineering Jobs in 2022

Generally speaking, there is high demand for JavaScript, SQL (Structured Query Language, used to interact with data stored in a database), and Git (a version control system very widely used in software engineering).

As for a specific framework that’s in-demand this year, I would suggest learning React, which is a very popular front-end framework used to create web applications. According to BuiltWith, there are over 10 million live sites built with React! React is also fast-loading, can be used to build HTML dynamically, and it works with a large number of backend technologies, e.g. Ruby on Rails and Django. 

Plus, knowing React makes it easier to learn other JavaScript frameworks – the skills are transferable.

Which soft skills are employers looking for in new software engineers in 2022? 

Communication is arguably more important than ever in the remote world we live in. Working remotely requires you to work “out loud,” and knowing who needs what information and when is increasingly important. During an interview process, you have an opportunity to show what it’s like to work with you as a candidate by how you respond and engage with the recruiter or hiring manager. That’s always been important, but it feels even more so with the volume of remote roles we continue to see.

#2: Data Engineering

For students that graduate from our Data Science program, data professional roles like Data Engineer and Data Analyst tend to be the most common titles. The data science field continues to show the most varied job titles. I think it’s because companies structure their technology teams so differently, and the data function, responsibilities and even reporting structure for data roles can be quite varied.

Our Data Science program is also an excellent program that brings people from all backgrounds and levels of experience, but the field is definitely math-heavy. For someone who loved math classes in high school and maybe set it aside for years, will have a strong math foundation. Our free lessons are a great option if you’re not quite sure where to start.

The 5 Tools to Learn for Data Jobs in 2022

There are tons of tools available to utilize in the Data Science field, but I predominately see employers request tools that are utilized in ETL (extract, transform, load), Cloud-Computing, Data Modeling, Data Visualization, and Model Deployment.

Here are the main tools that I would suggest learning if you want to stand out to employers in 2022:

  • For ETL (extract, transform, load), learn SQL. SQL is great for understanding the data.
  • For Cloud-Computing, learn AWS 
  • For Data Modeling, learn Python and/or R. There are several Python and R libraries that assist in data preparation, modeling, and evaluation. Because Python is so universal and can be utilized for data cleaning/wrangling and machine learning, it is definitely sought after by numerous employers.  
  • For Data Visualization, learn Tableau
  • For Model Deployment, learn Flask and/or Streamlit 

If you want to be more employable in 2022, start creating your professional identity now.  Creating an engaging LinkedIn profile with a strong network can go a long way when it is time to search for a career in Data Science. Creating a project portfolio is also key in showcasing important technical skills that are needed.  

Are there any important soft skills for new data employees in 2022?

Being able to understand and translate business needs to data and also the reverse is critically important. 

I have the privilege of working often with our data team at Flatiron School, and the Data scientists that really excel in their careers are the ones that can translate effectively and speak in both technical and non-technical languages. It’s truly a superpower! 

Tips for the Job Search in 2022

Do you need a degree to get software engineering and data professional jobs in 2022?

The answer to this is – definitely not! At Flatiron School, we continue to see a trend of skills-based hiring. There is also an inspiring number of companies that are now intentionally seeking out non-degree candidates of all backgrounds. One of our partners, OneTen Coalition, is a perfect example of an organization that is continuing to break down barriers and pave the way for the many paths one can take to break into tech.

Are there specific industries or types of business that you see hiring more in 2022?

Every industry is hiring, but large companies, in particular, seem to be finding themselves the most impacted by the talent shortage given the volume of professionals needed to serve their clients. Even if you’re the type of person who isn’t interested in the idea of a big company, working at a large company can unlock potential down the road, with the credibility earned by learning from a larger and often more structured team and varying project work 

At Flatiron School, we’re also seeing a lot of momentum on the enterprise side with companies looking for creative ways to fill their talent gaps through upskilling, reskilling, and hire-to-train models. 

How can a beginner decide which career path to start on?

I’ve always loved this advice: earn your upgrade. My dad used to say this, and I think that’s the first thing I would say to anyone interested in making a career change this year. Before considering a new program, I recommend signing up for Flatiron School’s Try Experiences, which are free online lessons or playing around with other free online resources.  You could also speak with one of our Admissions Representatives to be able to ask any questions that are on your mind.

Make sure that you enjoy the content and are having fun with it. I think a lot of people think about the idea of a career change, but it’s important to take a moment to give yourself a real taste of your new field first. Do you enjoy solving problems as much as you thought you would? Do you have a knack for it? I would start there! 

I’ll also share that we’ve recently launched our Product Design program, which features an updated curriculum. Product design is another great entry point, but it’s one that is much more visual. You’ll want to self-assess on things like: Do you regularly have ideas on how companies can improve their website or customer experience when online shopping? Are you drawn to interesting visuals? Do you notice color or layout when you walk into a room?

How is Flatiron School supporting career changers in 2022?

Job readiness continues to be core to each of the Flatiron School programs. Since Flatiron School began, we’ve placed over 6,000 graduates and have seen them launch new careers in tech, through our proven job search framework. Lately, we’ve seen many graduates needing advice on how to navigate multiple job offers, which is always a good sign!

We work with students in four ways:

  1. First, new students can expect to hear from career services during each phase of their program. This helps them think ahead and be prepared for the job search to follow. 
  2. Second, each Flatiron School grad is paired up one-on-one with one of our experienced career coaches for up to 180 days, where we provide personalized support and guidance on every aspect of the job search. Reviewing, customizing your technical resume, furthering your credibility with your online brand, creative strategies for sourcing leads, and detailed interview prep are all examples of the many ways Flatiron School Career Coaches support our graduates.
  3. Third, Flatiron students have access to our newly upgraded Career Prep curriculum, a Huntr job search tracker to support them in organizing their search and discovering new opportunities, and a mock technical interview through our partner, Skilled Inc.
  4. And lastly, we support students through our extensive Employer Network - by providing networking and recruitment opportunities. In 2021, about 1,000 graduates accepted positions at companies within our hiring network, that we’ve been busy growing since 2016, and it’s always so great to see our alumni come back after they’ve advanced within their teams seeking to hire our newest graduates.

Are you seeing any new interviewing trends in 2022? 

Interestingly, cold applications paired with research to understand the company and a short personal introduction on LinkedIn are working in a way that hasn’t been true in the past. We’ve always worked with our graduates to develop targeted job search strategies that are heavily based in networking, demonstrated effort through continued learning, and credibility built over time. While none of this has changed, and I think those are all requisite pillars to a successful job search, the current job market is a candidate’s market. 

Any other advice for career changers and job seekers in 2022? 

Telling your story is always key and there are so many different ways to tell your story! Students often discount their past experience and will lead by saying they want to gain experience. One of the things our coaches work with students on is how to tell a story, and share the value of your lived experiences, no matter the industry or duration. 

It’s also important to bring in your previous knowledge to the projects you choose to build or the blog posts you choose to publish to connect back to what you’re learning. Don’t be shy to bring your unique  frame of reference, and be proud of the journey you’ve been on leading up to this new career.  It’s part of what makes you uniquely you!

Whatever that path has been, your previous experience sets you apart and allows you to connect the dots in a way that is helpful for hiring managers. A career path is very rarely linear anymore and the sooner you learn to own that, the more focus and determination you can bring to the path that lies ahead of you.

Find out more and read Flatiron School reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Flatiron School.

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