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By Liz Eggleston
Last Updated June 30, 2015

Over 500 coding bootcamp graduates entered our first giveaway by reviewing their coding bootcamp experience on Course Report. We catch up with the winner of Course Report's first Review Raffle, Jennifer! 

Check out Jennifer's winning review here and be sure to enter our current Review Raffle to win a brand new Apple Watch!


Name: Jennifer 

Coding Bootcamp: Software Craftsmanship Guild

Graduation Date: November 2014


Before Software Craftsmanship Guild I was:

A finance director at a Fortune 100 company.

How I chose Software Craftsmanship Guild:

My decision was based on location and great online reviews.

My job now:

I work for an IT consulting firm 

What I bought with my $1000 Apple Gift Card:

A MacBook Pro - thank you Course Report!!

My advice to future bootcampers:

Ask questions, remember that even one small step forward in a day is progress, seek to understand - not entirely master and not simply get the code to run

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Liz is the cofounder of Course Report, the most complete resource for students researching coding bootcamps. Her research has been cited in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more. She loves breakfast tacos and spending time getting to know bootcamp alumni and founders all over the world. Check out Liz & Course Report on Twitter, Quora, and YouTube!

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