Learn Game Development at these Game Design Bootcamps

By Harry Hantel
Last Updated January 25, 2018

Video games might be lots of fun, but making them isn’t easy. If you want to put yourself on the road to great game design, consider these programs that put game design into the bootcamp model. Game on!


DaVinci Coders

Why: Located in Boulder, DaVinci Coders’ Video Game Development course is taught by an industry expert and features technologies like Unity, C#, and Java, along with all the tools to not only make you a successful game designer, but also give you the programming knowledge to move into other industries. The course also has industry professional mentors and the opportunity to build a portfolio of quality projects as well as to get involved with the gaming industry through meetups and local events.

Location: Boulder, CO

Program Length: 11 weeks (3 times a week)

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Make School Online Academy

Why: Make School’s Online Academy is an 8 week program with the core goal of students building their own original iPhone game. Students will work with relevant technologies like Objective-C, Cocoa, and Xcode. The program features videos and lectures by industry experts. There will also be opportunities to learn the ins and outs of good game design by cloning games like Flappybird and Angry Birds. The course culminates with students designing and completing a game of their very own. What could be better than that?

Location: Chicago, IL

Program Length: 8 weeks (10 hours/week)


Tech Talent South

Why: Though it only lasts 2 weekends, Tech Talent South’s Introduction to Game Development is still a fantastic opening into the world of good game design. The course is open to total beginners and teaches the fundamentals of game development from custom behaviors to scenery and character design. By the end of the course you’ll be ready to start making your own games.

Location: Atlanta, GA

Program Length: 2 weekends


Bitmaker Labs

Why: Bitmaker Labs offers a part-time Intro to Game Development course that teaches you how to code your own games from scratch. Students will learn to work with the Unity game engine and complete hands-on assignments that tackle the core concepts of game development like physics, 2D & 3D rendering, animation, and more.

Location: Toronto, ON

Program Length: 12 weeks (once a week)


Eleven Fifty Academy

Why: Intro to Unity is a weekend class offered by Eleven Fifty Academy. In two full days, students will learn the basics of the Unity development platform taught with Eleven Fifty’s “always-in-the-code” instruction style, while also participating in study sessions and activities. Breakfast and lunch are provided. The course culminates with students making a simple collection game in the latest version of Unity.

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Program Length: 2 full days


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