Codecademy vs Codecademy Pro: a comprehensive comparison

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Last updated on December 8, 2023

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So many of the coding bootcamp grads we’ve spoken to over the years cite Codecademy as their first introduction to programming. These days, Codecademy continues to offer a free version but now also offers Codecademy Pro, a monthly paid version. But is the paid Codecademy worth it? Let’s dig in with our detailed comparison between Codecademy's free version and the Pro subscription – we compare price, curriculum, learning style, student support, instructor attention, career services, and time commitment.

Basic vs Pro: What You Need to Know


Codecademy Basic

Codecademy Pro



Subscription-based, $39.99/month


Basic courses in various programming languages

In-depth courses, specialized career paths

Learning Style

Self-paced, independent learning

Structured learning with extra resources


Limited community support

Additional networking opportunities

Career Services


Career-oriented curriculum, interview prep

Time Commitment


Requires more dedicated time for in-depth learning

Price: Is Codecademy Pro Worth $40?

Codecademy offers a free tier with basic courses, making it an attractive option for beginners or those exploring coding casually. Codecademy Pro, on the other hand, requires a subscription of about $40/month. The main benefits of Codecademy Pro are the additional resources, mentorship opportunities, and a focus on career development.

Christine Maynard chose Codecademy Pro because “it was still more affordable than other coding bootcamps and resources by a long shot.”

Curriculum Comparison

While the free version of Codecademy provides a solid foundation in various programming languages, Codecademy Pro offers a more comprehensive curriculum. It includes in-depth content, specialized career paths, and up-to-date industry skills.

Zoe Bachman, Senior Curriculum Director at Codecademy, says, “Anyone can get started learning with Codecademy, especially via our basic plan that includes several introductory courses for free. Our paid offerings, Codecademy Plus and Pro, are geared towards upskillers and career switchers, respectively. Codecademy Plus includes access to Codecademy’s full catalog, including intermediate and advanced courses, plus skill paths so learners can focus on advancing their careers. Codecademy Pro also includes access to the full catalog, in addition to a wider range of career-focused content and learning features. This includes dozens of career paths, which are guided learning journeys designed to help learners build the in-depth, foundational knowledge needed to start a career in web development, computer science, or data science. Additionally, Codecademy Pro includes features like portfolio projects, assessments, and technical interview prep to help learners prove their proficiency and work towards becoming job ready.”

Learning Style & Support at Codecademy vs Codecademy Pro

Codecademy's free version promotes self-paced, independent learning, suitable for those who are self-motivated. Support in the free version is limited to community forums. Bachman from Codecademy suggests:

“Make learning a daily habit, even if there are days when you can only learn for five minutes. Connect with fellow learners. By joining a community group, such as the Codecademy Forums or Discord, learners can share their progress, hold themselves accountable, and exchange advice with others. This not only helps learners stay engaged, but can lead to mentorship and networking opportunities.”

In contrast, Codecademy Pro offers a more structured learning environment with additional resources and interactive content, better suiting those who seek a more guided learning experience. Even in the Pro version, you’ll need to seek out your own mentors, as Codecademy Alum Christine described in her experience: “In Codecademy, you’re responsible for finding your own mentor, holding yourself accountable, and finding your own answers to questions. There are no formal cohorts at Codecademy, so when I started, I learned everything independently. While this was difficult in the beginning, through networking, I was able to learn alongside others. I had to learn to reach out to others who were on the same journey as me.”

Time Commitment

The free version allows learners to progress at their own pace with no strict time commitments. Codecademy Pro requires a more significant time investment to be successful. Christine, a Codecademy Pro alum who now works at Cvent, describes her time commitment: “It took me about seven months to complete the program. I made a goal to allocate a minimum of 20 hours a week to my learning.”

Outcomes & Expectations Codecademy vs Codecademy Pro

Codecademy Pro is more career-oriented, with its curriculum tailored to align with industry requirements. 

Zoe Bachman, Senior Curriculum Director at Codecademy, says “Codecademy Pro offers a wide range of career-focused content and learning features designed to help learners build the skills and knowledge needed to compete for entry-level jobs in tech. Pro features like assessments, professional certificates, portfolio projects, and technical interview prep are designed to help learners measure and highlight their skills and proficiency – for themselves and for prospective employers. We also provide personalized job listings and opportunities for learners to connect with employers via a partnership with Handshake. We also recently launched an AI-powered Job-Readiness Checker, which analyzes job postings and determines whether a learner is ready or not to apply based on their current skills and progress.”

Our Takeaways

While the free version of Codecademy is excellent for beginners and casual learners, Codecademy Pro offers a more in-depth and structured learning experience, making it a worthwhile investment for those aiming for a career in tech. But a successful career change will require you to network and find your own learning community. At $40/month, Codecademy Pro won’t break your bank, but you’ll have to invest some opportunity cost as well. 

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