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Last updated on July 5, 2023

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Lighthouse Labs recently released their 2022 Student Outcomes Report, which highlights that 82% of their graduates were hired into full-time, meaningful work within 180 days! Meri Ghazaryan, the Senior Manager of Employer Partnerships at Lighthouse Labs, walks us through the specific job outcomes they saw for their Web Development, Data Science, and Cyber Security graduates. Plus, learn how Lighthouse Labs is implementing this outcomes data into curriculum and career services program upgrades!

Why was it important that Lighthouse Labs conduct this latest Student Outcomes Report?

Conducting the student outcomes report promotes transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement, while providing valuable information to prospective students, employers, other stakeholders, and community partners. We openly share our outcomes data to showcase our dedication to providing accurate and reliable information about the success of our graduates in that given year. This transparency builds trust and confidence in our programs, making it easier for prospective students and employers to make informed decisions on their hiring.

What was the most exciting discovery you found in the latest outcomes data? 

What's most exciting is that this new report proved our method is tried and true — even in a rocky job environment, we clearly set our students up for success. The 2022 Student Outcomes Report revealed that the majority of our graduates successfully found full-time, meaningful employment in a highly competitive job market. This highlights the effectiveness of our programs in preparing students for the job market and equipping them with the necessary skills to thrive in the careers they have chosen, given the fact that most of our graduates are pivoting their careers. 

This finding is also significant for our employers and industry partners. It emphasizes the value of partnering with Lighthouse Labs as a reliable source for skilled and job-ready junior talent. Employers can trust that our graduates possess the necessary competencies and are well-prepared. 

What was the framework Lighthouse Labs used for this latest outcomes report?

Our framework focuses on celebrating student achievement, evaluating the progress towards their mission, fostering innovation in tech education, as well as providing data-driven insights and outlining opportunities for growth and enhancement. Our report highlights the achievements of our graduates on a per-program basis and dives into the employment rates, starting salaries and job roles coming out of the programs. By following this framework, Lighthouse Labs demonstrates transparency and accountability and their commitment to empower students for success in the tech industry!

Overall, did the recent, turbulent job market impact outcomes for Lighthouse Labs students?

Moments of economic downturns or periods of uncertainty can result in a more competitive job market (which we are seeing right now) with decreased hiring and potential difficulties in securing desired positions. For our graduates navigating their job search in an economic downturn, we have seen that it is taking a bit longer to land a role than when the market is not as competitive. However, we are satisfied to see that our grads are not settling for less and still managing to find dream roles out of the program. Our Career Services team is working harder than ever and the work is paying off for our grads

Plus, the demand for specific transferable skills and knowledge gained through our programs, plus the ability of students to adapt in the changing market conditions can actually be very interesting for employers who are still in need of hiring junior talent. Our students are equipped with in-demand skills that allow them to navigate through this job market effectively. 

How long did students report it took them to find a job after Lighthouse Labs?

Our goal is that graduates find employment within 180 days of their active job-seeking process. Based on our outcomes report, 82% of 2022 alumni were placed in roles within 180 days, and the total number of employment outside of 180 days was 85%!  Given the state of the industry right now, these numbers are encouraging and improving. 

  • In 2022, 85% of our Web Development graduates found relevant roles and 82% found jobs within 180 days.
  • The report found that 86% of Data Science graduates found employment in relevant positions and 81% of those found employment in 180 days. 
  • Overall, 89% of Cyber Security graduates found employment in relevant cybersecurity positions, while 83% did so in 180 days. Considering this was the first year we reported on the Cyber Security program, we felt very proud of these numbers!

Did you notice any differences between this 2022 report and the last report Lighthouse Labs did?

This year’s report includes a more data that wasn’t in last year’s report, such as:

  • Outcomes for our Cyber Security Bootcamp
  • Outcomes for our Web Flex Bootcamp
  • Insight on how our student experience is designed to optimize student outcomes
  • Insight on how our Career Services team accomplishes student outcomes

Will Lighthouse Labs use this information to iterate on their programs or career services?

Yes! Lighthouse Labs is dedicated to a continuous improvement process for the programs as well as Career Services. We’re utilizing this invaluable information to ensure we have a vital feedback mechanism to identify the areas of excellence, as well as areas that can be refined within the programs. By taking into consideration this information, we look at enhancement for our offerings, ensuring they remain current and responsive to the evolving needs of our students and employers in this dynamic tech industry.

For example, by examining our Data Science outcomes and talking to our students, we discovered that many taking the program were interested in Data Analytics, with a significant number (47%) going on to find work as Data Analysts as opposed to Data Scientists. This signaled a gap in the job market and our program offering, and led to the launch of our new Data Analytics Program. We have based its curriculum on our Data Science one with more of a focus on the skills necessary to land analyst roles. By offering both Data Science and Analytics as separate programs, we’re committing to filling the talent and skills gaps that exist for both Data Analyst and Data Scientist roles moving forward.

Do you think these numbers can be used to predict how tech hiring will go this year for Lighthouse Labs graduates?

Predicting future hiring trends in the tech industry based solely on these numbers can be very challenging, so we take into consideration several external factors like industry fluctuations, evolving technological landscape, and everything that influences the hiring landscape. We monitor industry trends constantly and are staying informed about employer needs, what the hiring processes are and how they're changing, and adjusting our Career Services programs to align with the demands of the tech sector, through workshops and info sessions, to ensure our graduates are ready and have the knowledge to seek for specific meaningful employment. 

How can students enrolling in upcoming cohorts improve their chances of quickly landing a tech role after Lighthouse Labs?

  • Embrace a growth mindset. Students should be open to continuous learning and understanding that there are challenges ahead of them and that those challenges also open opportunities. This mindset will enable them to adapt to the fast-paced tech industry. Employers are looking for people who are committing to lifelong learning. Stay up-to-date with what's happening in the industry. 
  • Fully engage in the program and explore additional resources to enhance their knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum.
  • Work closely with our Career Services team and take advantage of the resources that we have, including: job search support, resume review, interview preparation, and practice for technical interviews! We offer a personalized approach and take into consideration different aspects of each student’s job-seeking journey.
  • Leverage our employer network and attend the networking events and info sessions hosted by our employer partners.
  • Develop soft skills. Around 50% of employers looking specifically for junior talent are looking for transferable skills and work on their soft skills.
  • Continuously develop communication, teamwork, and problem solving abilities. Participate in group projects during bootcamp, engage in class discussions, and attend networking events.
  • Stay persistent and resilient!

Find out more and read Lighthouse Labs reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Lighthouse Labs.

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