9 AI Tools to Use in Your Tech Job Search in 2024

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Last updated on March 7, 2024

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The tech job search process has evolved, thanks to the many AI tools available today. Our careers expert, John Rajeski (Head of Career Services at Coding Temple), lists the 9 tools today’s tech job-seekers may find useful as they create a resume, find tech roles, and prepare for interviews. John breaks down the pros and cons of using AI tools, and the importance of maintaining your unique voice throughout your tech job search. Plus, find out how Coding Temple is helping students prepare for their tech job search with the assistance of AI tools and effective coaching. 

5 Benefits of Using AI Tools in Your Tech Job Search Process

Almost daily it seems like there is an increasing array of tools and options for job-seekers to utilize, and it can both be exhilarating and challenging to navigate! The key to job searching in 2024 is figuring out what tools to use and how to effectively use them. 

What are the benefits of using AI tools in your tech job search?

The main benefits of using AI tools in the tech job search process are: customization, increased productivity, maximized reach, and speed. 

When we drill down into those benefits, it means:

  1. Customized messaging. You can send out many more applications and you can be more targeted in your messaging to specific companies. This helps to distinguish yourself as an applicant. 
  2. Customized resume. AI can help you customize your resume, too. 
  3. Customized job search process. You never know when someone is going to respond to an application, so it’s helpful to build a job search process with AI to help you submit  and keep track of applications. 
  4. Increased productivity and maximizing your reach. With AI tools, you can have a dramatic increase in applications sent and received. 
  5. Speed. You can send more applications in less time. 

Using AI in Your Tech Job Search:





Increase productivity


Maximized reach

Job search scams


Lack of personal contact

What are the disadvantages of using AI tools in your tech job search? 

The main disadvantages of using AI tools in the tech job search process are bias, depersonalization, the possibility of being scammed, and the loss of personal contact. 

  • Bias. It’s important to consider ethical issues regarding bias. Bias in AI is going to be a significant issue because AI is programmed by computers, computers are programmed by people, and people have biases. If the code is written in such a way that they're looking for certain things, like degree status or age, it can be difficult to ethically parse that out.
  • Depersonalization. A lot of organizations are realizing that people are using AI in the application process, and many hiring managers are conflicted because the job materials sound robotic. AI can be limiting if you're relying too much on technology and losing your voice regarding how you represent yourself. 
  • Job-search scams. Job search scams are a major drawback of AI when people get pulled down paths with bad outcomes. 
  • Lack of informational interviews. When exclusively relying on AI tools, you lose opportunities to connect with people who are working at a company you are interested in or in a role you would like to have. AI can’t reach out to someone and tell them that you’re inspired by their career path and would like 30 minutes to chat because that requires human contact and coordination.

AI tools can be used at various points of your tech job search, such as creating your job materials, matching you with tech jobs, and assisting you with interview preparation. Below are the tools you may want to consider when launching your tech job search this year. 

3 AI Tools for Your Resume

Before using AI tools on your resume, remember the importance of your human voice! In this competitive market, if you create your resume or cover letter with just an AI tool, you might be missing the mark on reviewing the job specs and differentiating yourself as a job seeker. Each student's job search is unique and one of the things that AI often doesn't take into consideration is the various reasons people attend bootcamps, which may range from being displaced from their job and needing to find something quickly, to someone taking a more leisurely approach in a career transition. Resumes and cover letters should never be “one-size-fits-all.” 

  1. Grammarly – A helpful AI tool for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Spell-checking is important on a resume. A careless typo can mean the difference between being considered for the job or being disregarded!
  2. Ehancv - An AI tool for drafting a cover letter and resume. It’s great for helping students get a basic framework for their core job-search materials.  
  3. Teal - Another good AI tool option for creating a resume or cover letter. Keep in mind that resume-building AI tools are helpful when creating an initial draft, but make sure someone reviews your work and be open to when they make any suggestions for improvements. 

4 AI Tools for Job-Matching

Ultimately, employers are hiring a person, not some marketing materials that make an impression on a hiring manager. A job applicant will still have to go through an interview cycle, so if you’re not well-represented in any of the AI work that you choose to use, it will become apparent once you start talking with hiring managers. 

Several mediums help job-seekers determine their match with a job of interest. Whenever possible, follow up on your application by reaching out to the designated contact person with a personalized email (and make sure to attach your application materials). It’s important to gauge your match to a job to determine your interest and to position yourself as the best person for the job. 

  1. Autojob - This AI tool has you upload your resume/CV and then applies to jobs that match your skill set on your behalf. 
  2. Pyjama Jobs - Pyjama Jobs specializes in sending your resume out to remote jobs. 
  3. Arytic - In addition to helping you mass apply for roles, Arctic also helps you gain access to recruiters.
  4. Talentprise - With its global employer network, Talentprise helps match candidates with job vacancies.

2 AI Tools for Interview Prep

One of the challenges of interviewing is starting the interview process in a “negative headspace.” At Coding Temple, we help students who think of themselves as just a “job seeker” to instead frame their mindset as they are the right person to address the issues that an organization has.

  1. Pramp - An AI tool that provides mock interviews and coding problems.
  2. Interview Prep AI - Allows live interviewing practice by talking with their AI and getting immediate feedback.

While AI tools can be helpful for interview preparation, there’s no substitute for practicing with peers or a coach because you will get honest feedback from other job seekers and tech professionals. One point to emphasize is, working on interview prep with another human is a more collaborative and dynamic process and this can help job-seekers in ways too detailed to outline herein. 

How Coding Temple Supports Students on the Job Hunt

Is Coding Temple incorporating these tools into its career support curriculum?

We are always seeking ways to use any of the above tools to support our students and customize their job searches for their particular areas of focus and/or interests. While we don’t provide an endorsement of any specific AI tool, we find that our students use a wide range of them to create their materials, and then we help them temper, adjust, and adapt their resumes and cover letters accordingly. 

What should bootcamp students keep in mind when using these AI tools for their tech job search?

AI tools are just that —tools— not definite answers or materials to be used without question. Students must allow their unique backgrounds and experiences to shine through! AI should only be used to augment, enhance, and supplement what they have to offer.

Since AI is an LLM that is trained on information it’s received, it’s vitally important for students to understand that everything they share can be in the public purview permanently, so they should be cautious and try to maintain some privacy and discretion. 

Other important intangibles in the job search process that AI may not capture are:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Critical thinking 
  • Communication 
  • Being a lifelong learner
  • Having grace under pressure
  • A sense of humility
  • Transferable backgrounds and skills

Applying for your first tech job can be overwhelming! What is your advice to Coding Temple students on how to use these AI tools and not get overwhelmed?

There are a lot of things that are romanticized about tech. Ultimately, if you're solving some problem in an area of interest, you're having some impact, you bring the proper transferable skills, and you present yourself in a way that helps to differentiate yourself as a potential employee at that organization, that's going to speak volumes about your capacity. 

If you just depend on AI to do that for you, you may struggle. It's really hard to tease all that nuanced information out solely using AI tools. It’s important to understand that you’re being hired as a person.

Find out more and read Coding Temple reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with Coding Temple.

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