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6 Must-Read Bootcamp Blogs

By Liz Eggleston
Last Updated December 28, 2020



Are you planning on attending a coding bootcamp? Deciding between two bootcamps? We’ve scoured the net for alumni blogs from top coding bootcamps including Fullstack Academy, Dev Bootcamp, The Iron Yard,  Coding Dojo, MakerSquare and Hack Reactor. From a CS major to an event planner, these bootcamp graduates give you a snapshot of what makes each coding school and experience unique.



FVC Productions - Fullstack Academy

A female computer science major? Yep! And she just completed Fullstack Academy’s Summer of Code program. Join her on the journey from searching, interviewing and being accepted to bootcamp to completing coursework all the way to post-graduation reflections 11 weeks later. Summer of Code is an accelerated version of Fullstack’s normally 13 week program that was designed to teach college students how to code over summer break.

Take a look at Violet’s blog if you want to know about:

  • Budgeting at bootcamp
  • Prepwork tasks and challenges
  • Example projects



Jessie Learns to Code - Dev Bootcamp

As of December 8, 2017, Dev Bootcamp will no longer be operating, but wondering how Dev Bootcamp started out? As one of Dev Bootcamp’s first graduates, Jessie offers coveted insight into Dev Bootcamp’s unique blend of hard and soft skills that make it so popular. Follow her journey as she pair programs, meets with her mentor and writes code. Jessie’s now had several years of steady experience as a developer, but you can still view her blog on tumblr or Wordpress.

Take a look at Jessie’s blog if you want to know:

  • Feelings at bootcamp
  • Excellent tech talks from experienced devs
  • Code tips and snippets



Kelley Anne Rose - The Iron Yard

From event planner to front-end web developer, follow Kelley’s journey from hearing of bootcamp for the first time to her first day on the job after graduation. Kelley takes you through her time at Iron Yard’s Front End Engineering course complete with code snippets and project examples and daily anecdotes about her cute puppy or watching Mad Max in 3D.

Take a look at Kelley’s blog if you want to know:

  • Coding experience for non-techies
  • Life’s lessons
  • If programming is for you



Ted's Coding Dojo Experience - Coding Dojo

If you doubt the theory that blogging bootcampers are more likely to get jobs, then you haven’t met Ted Whang. The Coding Dojo alum faithfully blogged from prep work through just about all 60 days of bootcamp (minus day 35) and then some. He got a job 2 weeks later. There’s not much that Ted doesn’t cover in his posts, and it’s a great resource whether you are going to bootcamp or just planning to teach yourself how to code. Still doubting why you should blog everyday at bootcamp? Check out Ted's post Why You Should Blog Every Day at a Coding Bootcamp.

Take a look at Ted’s blog if you want to know about:

  • What happens every single day at coding bootcamp
  • Code snippets, presentations, tips and tutorials
  • Lots of DETAILS!



Reboot Jeff - Hack Reactor

Reboot Jeff offers in-depth advice on every aspect of coding bootcamps from choosing a bootcamp to funding and advice, not to mention a week-by-week walkthrough of life at one of the most popular bootcamps, Hack Reactor. Jeff takes you through his journey, offering the usual code snippets and anecdotes but with quirky humour and an incredible amount of direction and lists to help you stay on track on your bootcamp adventure.

Take a look at Jeff’s blog if you want to know:

  • Tools and tips for programmers
  • Logistics of bootcamp experience
  • Thoughts on best practices



Randy Tolentino - MakerSquare

Follow former education administrator, Randy, as he makes his journey from San Diego to Austin to attend MakerSquare's bootcamp with his wife and two kids in tow. Mike takes you from prework and saying goodbyes to the first week and demo days. Randy also gives us insight into the unique changes and “pivots” that can take place at bootcamp. In Randy’s case this was a pilot project MakerSquare implemented with an online bootcamp and changes to MakerSquare’s Career Day.

Take a look at Randy’s blog if you want to know:

  • What it’s like attending bootcamp as a family man
  • Big-picture view of bootcamp
  • Types of projects you’ll complete at bootcamp


Are there other coding bootcamper blogs that you love? Tell us in the comments!

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