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How do you stay motivated throughout an online coding bootcamp (and land a job afterwards)? Many people choose to take online coding bootcamps because it’s more convenient to study from home, or because they don’t have access to an in-person bootcamp in their city. At Course Report, we regularly hear success stories from online bootcamp graduates who have found great jobs with their new skills. But what is the secret to success at an online bootcamp? We asked the team at Thinkful, which offers full-time and part-time remote coding bootcamps, for their top tips to acing an online bootcamp. Watch the video or read the blog post.

Tip #1: Find a Course That Will Support You

Dan Friedman, Thinkful Co-Founder


Tip #2: Carve Out Time for The Online Course

Derek Fogge, Flexible Bootcamp Program Manager


Tip #3: Make The Most of Your Support Network

Theresa Freet, Full Time Web Development Bootcamp Program Manager


Tip #4: Always Be Coding

Bhaumik Patel, Head of Full Time Web Development Bootcamp


Tip #5: Network Aggressively

Liz Parsekian, Thinkful Career Services Manager

Thanks to the Thinkful team for sharing what they’ve learned! Find out more and read Thinkful reviews on Course Report. Check out the Thinkful website.

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