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Congratulations- you submitted your code school application and got an interview! You're undoubtedly prepping to convince the interviewer that you'll be a stellar addition to their next cohort. But the school shouldn't be the only one asking the questions. A coding bootcamp interview is the perfect opportunity to clear up any questions you have about a school's acceptance standards, teaching style, job placement, and more. Coding bootcamps are a serious commitment, so be sure to do extensive research and use this guide to acing your interview questions before making your decision.

Plus, download a cheat sheet to bring with you to your next interview!

Bootcamp History

Start with the basics- who is your interviewer and what's their experience? 


Pre-work can be integral to a strong code school experience; it can also add hours or months to your learning, so be sure to understand what is required of you before your first day of class.

Acceptance Rates

A legitimate coding bootcamp should be tracking application and acceptance statistics- and should be able to dig up these stats when asked. These questions can help you understand how competitive a school is.

Instructors & Curriculum

An instructor can make or break a bootcamp- be sure the teaching style works with your learning style.

Time Commitment

Find out how intensive this bootcamp is and what's really expected of students.

Cohort Makeup

Is diversity important to you in a coding bootcamp cohort? It should be! Chances are, you'll be working with developers from different backgrounds in your career, so you want to learn alongside diverse students!

Graduation Rate

Students may drop out of a coding bootcamp for a variety of reasons, from family/personal issues to course difficulty. It's important to understand how each school handles attrition.

Career Resources

From hiring networks to interview preparation, career resources are a huge perk at a coding bootcamp; what does this school bring to the table? 

Job Placement

Do you want to land a job as a developer when you graduate? Be sure to ask the tough questions about the bootcamp's job placement program.


Coding bootcamps can cost a pretty penny, but most schools offer scholarships and financing to help ease the financial burden. Find out exactly what your options are.

Have you been through coding bootcamp interviews before? Which questions were important to you? Let us know in the comments!


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