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UX Writing Hub is a 20-week, online UX Writing bootcamp. The bootcamp is delivered through eight, self-paced modules that include a mix of lessons, case studies, videos, and assignments. UX Writing Hub bootcamp includes weekly group Q&A meetings and periodic guest lectures. Access to previously recorded live webinars with experts from companies including Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Dropbox is also included. Students should expect to invest 15-20 hours per wee...

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Jess Feldman
Published February 01, 2021
Course Report · January 2021 Coding Bootcamp News 2021 began with $118M in coding bootcamp fundraises, plus some major acquisitions in the bootcamp space. Despite the overall loss in the U.S. job market, December’s job numbers showed tech adding plenty of new positions. In this roundup, we’re also highlighting the new workforce development programs now available to career changers, and t...

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Is UX Writing Hub worth it?
Is UX Writing Hub legit?
Does UX Writing Hub offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
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How much does UX Writing Hub cost?

UX Writing Hub costs around $2,500.

What courses does UX Writing Hub teach?

UX Writing Hub offers courses like UX Writing Academy.

Where does UX Writing Hub have campuses?

UX Writing Hub teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Is UX Writing Hub worth it?
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Recent UX Writing Hub News

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