Cameron Buckingham is a student at gSchool, a 6-month coding school in Colorado. He blogs each week about his experience at gSchool- this week, he talks about interacting with alumni and shares a sneak peak at his project deployed on Heroku!

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What a tremendous week! We got to see the Boulder class graduate this week. As they wrapped up their 6-month long course, we are just over 3 months done with ours. The graduation ceremony was fun and included student presentations, words of wisdom from various mentors, and some words of wisdom from the gSchool CEO. Each student brings a diverse background to this program and Boulder's graduating class showcased these talents and attributes.

In terms of curriculim, we have circled back to rails now. We got some exposure to Javascript and jQuery last week which was very helpful. Now we are really dissecting rails and getting to know some of the backend process that rails provides as defaults. We also got word that gSchool will be assigning projects to us shortly with some local businesses that reached out and needed some coding help. This is an excellent example of how gSchool reaches out to local business and develops its networks as well as showcases its worth to potential employers. 

Not only are starting to be assigned projects to do for other business, but we also still working on our personal projects. I released my project the other day and I am pretty excited about it. Check it out:

The site is basically a location tracker that people can use to mark the locations they have traveled and earn points based on their travel. I am really excited about map development and data manipulation with maps. I will continue to go down this route and explore and the endless possibilities of maps. I plan on making some minor tweaks to this site by adding an Expedia API to the dashboard to embed some travel tips and local accommodation options for travelers. 

Anyways that is how my weeks have been so far, I look forward to posting more in two weeks. 

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