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Meet Our Review Sweepstakes Winner: Juan of Correlation One

By Jess Feldman
Last Updated August 11, 2021

Juan, a graduate of Correlation One’s data science bootcamp wrote a Verified review of his bootcamp experience and won our latest sweepstakes competition! Over 1,200 tech bootcamp graduates wrote a Verified review for their school on Course Report and went into the draw to win a $500 Amazon gift card! We caught up with Juan to hear about their bootcamp experience!

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When did you graduate from Correlation One?

I graduated from Correlation in November 2020.

What were you up to before attending Correlation One? 

I am a master's student in telematics engineering and I decided to enroll in the Data Science For All program at Correlation One. I considered it a good opportunity to improve my skills in data science and application of the different algorithms and data mining techniques, which in the technological field are considered very important tools for decision making in companies.

How difficult was the Correlation One application process?

The admission process to the certification was simple, however, there were exams that functioned as a filter to access the course. For admission, they required basic knowledge in statistics and technological tools, such as Docker, and programming languages like Python.

Did you get a job after graduating? Where do you work now? 

I am currently finishing my Master's degree in Telematics, and four months ago, I started working for a software development company. The knowledge I acquired in the data science course helped me improve my technical skills and apply them in my professional life. Additionally, the course allowed me to get a better performance in the development of my research under the application of data mining.

What is your advice to someone considering Correlation One’s Data Science For All bootcamp?

The best advice I can give to anyone thinking of taking the data science course is to have the desire to learn in order to maintain the required motivation. I am passionate about technology and continuous self-learning for my own benefit and better job performance.

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