We learned so much in our Lunch & Learn with Martin and Emil from Career Foundry, including:

  • Martin's journey from product manager to web developer (and how he continues to learn!)
  • Why freelancing can be the best way to build your portfolio and do the most with your technical skills! (Read Career Foundry's blog post on Freelancing here).
  • How Career Foundry students learn "soft skills" like building their personal brand and collaboration.
  • The difference between Thinkful, Bloc & Career Foundry (hint:career development is a big differentiator). 
  • ...and more!

As promised, you can watch and share the whole webinar on demand by following this link

You can register for a Career Foundry at any time, and the folks at Career Foundry are always happy to answer questions. Just sign up on their website or call +4915251785899.

Remember, the Course Report community is eligible for 10% off tuition to Career Foundry!

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