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Hack Reactor Launches New Remote Beta Coding School!

Liz Eggleston

Written By Liz Eggleston

Last updated on June 11, 2014

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Hack Reactor is renowned as a top programming bootcamp, and they just launched their Remote Beta Coding School. Applications are now open and the inaugural cohort begins July 21st. Course Report got the scoop from Shawn Drost, cofounder of Hack Reactor and the developer of the Remote Beta program. 


Will the admissions standards change or be the same as your in-person courses? 

Admissions standards are the same for Hack Reactor Onsite and Remote Beta.  It's actually the same process with one extra checkbox.


How will Hack Reactor provide a community of support for the online class? Will students use Google Hangouts or will they be teleconferencing in to the live, in-person classes? 

It starts with the people: the class is a social unit and its success is predicated on a very strong community.  We enable this in two ways: a lot of software (Hangouts, pairing software, stuff we built in-house, team messaging, etc.) and a lot of careful community design work that we cribbed from the on-site program.


Why is it important to Hack Reactor that remote students have access to your courses? 

Hack Reactor has always had two missions: 1) to empower people and 2) transform education with rapid-iteration teaching. We felt we could expand our mission best by offering our curriculum remotely. We're deeply integrated with the city of San Francisco (local internshipsscholarshipsmeetupsnonprofits) but we're always unhappy to hear about people in Denver that can't afford to move out to SF but won't settle for anything less qualified than Hack Reactor.


Want to learn more about Hack Reactor? Check out their School Page for more interviews and reviews, or visit their website!

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