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Want Free Tuition to The Flatiron School?

By Liz Eggleston
Last Updated August 8, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This article is now out of date

If you’re over 18, an NYC resident, new to web development, unemployed (or earning less than 50K per year), and are authorized to work in the United States, then you may be in luck.  


The Flatiron School and the Workforce Development Corporation announced today that they are offering free tuition to 32 students as part of the NYC Web Development Fellowship.  

Of course, admission to The Flatiron School is competitive in itself, so be prepared for a rigorous admissions process to the gratis Fellowship.  And students who are accepted to the Fellowship will be expected to commit to the typical full-time schedule Monday thru Friday, in addition to 150+ hours of prework prior to the start date.  Throughout the 22-week program, the students selected for the Fellowship will be trained to be web developers without the usual $12,000 tuition price tag.  They can expect to master HTML5, CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and learn best practices in Git, APIs, and Agile Methodology.  The final 12 weeks will feature an opportunity for a paid apprenticeship with a partner company. 

Tentative dates for the class portion of the Fellowship are July 13th-September 11th, and the Workforce Development Corporation is urging students to apply early.  

For more information on current courses and costs, check out The Flatiron School.  


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