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Final Project Spotlight: Jordan Kimura of LearningFuze

Liz Eggleston

Written By Liz Eggleston

Last updated on July 27, 2015

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Jordan Kimura already had a solid foundation in design and marketing. Armed with a B.A. in Graphic Design and an M.B.A., Jordan wanted to add to her web development to her skillset. She knew she wanted an immersive learning experience that offered full-stack development so that she could learn front-end and back-end coding languages to enhance her design scope. She also knew that she wanted somewhere in South Orange County to allow her the flexibility to remain active at a couple of hours per week in her humanitarian efforts. Four years ago, she founded Project Joy, where she donates generated proceeds to increase educational and social skills for children and adults with special needs. LearningFuze offered a top-quality coding education along with a perfect location for her. After attending an info session and a front-end coding workshop, she knew that LearningFuze was right for her.

A Final Project: Soaring Frost

With her newly developed coding skills, Jordan has really enjoyed seeing her illustrations and concept designs come to life. Numerous prospective employers and freelance clients have already approached her. Her final project was a whimsical game called Soaring Frost that features an ice dragon in search of coins. She worked on it for 2 months and it includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript with hand-drawn illustrations uploaded to Photoshop. It is currently under future development and is in beta testing. Watch Jordan's video walkthrough of Soaring Frost below:

Jordan's Experience at LearningFuze

The instructors provided an open forum that encouraged the asking of questions. Web development is complex and many coding languages had to be absorbed in a short period of time. Jordan found herself awaking daily at 6 a.m. to begin practicing her coding before heading to LearningFuze for an entire day of intensive learning. She put aside her freelance design projects to immerse full-time (12 hours per day, that accumulated to over 720 hours of training) herself into working on her web development skills with the understanding support of her family.

It does not end on graduation day at LearningFuze. “You are always a part of the LearningFuze family” Jordan says as she remarks with gratitude of how available and supportive the LearningFuze team (Cohort 4 LF team: Bill, Fabian, Dan, Eric and Scott) continues to be. “You can tell that the positive attitude and the genuine comes from the top-down, from the Director of Operations Bill Cunningham and Director of Technology & Learning Fabian Toth to the instructors. The open-door policy encourages the learning process and makes one always feel comfortable to ask for help.”

Despite the addition of advanced technology skills, she still finds the time to devote time to providing educational tools to local classrooms as well as providing tennis lessons to those with special needs. Learning web development at LearningFuze has brought her goal of empowering others through her designs one step closer. 


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