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Deep Dive into BrainStation’s Digital Leadership and Innovation Course

By Jess Feldman
Last Updated March 10, 2021

Digital leadership has quickly become a sought-after skill in today’s tech-savvy workforce. We caught up with Jason Field, BrainStation’s Founder and CEO to hear more about BrainStation’s part-time Digital Leadership and Innovation certificate course, what learners can expect from the curriculum, and how it imbues students to stay curious and continue learning. Jason breaks down how to get the most out of the Digital Leadership and Innovation course, and the best resources to stay engaged with today’s top digital leaders.  

What you need to know:

  • Expect to commit to three hours per week for 8 weeks. 
  • The curriculum will cover disruptive technologies driving the digital economy, business models of the digital world, and how design thinking can be used to drive ideation, prioritization, and rapid execution of new digital solutions, as well as Agile processes.
  • There is no application for certificate courses – just complete the online form and a BrainStation rep will be in touch!

What inspired BrainStation to create the Digital Leadership and Innovation course?

We already offer 4 bootcamps and 15 part-time certificate courses in data, design, development, marketing, and product management, including cybersecurity, machine learning, and iOS development, to name a few. Our goal is to help professionals from a range of experience-levels and industries to level up their skills, and the creation of the Digital Leadership and Innovation certificate course was a natural extension of that mandate. 

The course allows us to dive deeper into the theme of digital transformation and the kind of skills and knowledge that you would need to lead an organization through these kinds of changes.   

What’s the goal for a student in the Digital Leadership and Innovation course?

This certificate course is great for those looking to level up their knowledge of emerging technology and take on leadership responsibilities in the digital age.

The goals of the course are:

  • to provide students with a thorough understanding of disruptive technologies and how they are being leveraged;
  • to teach professionals how to apply design thinking to identify and execute on innovation ideas; 
  • to give students the knowledge to lead digital transformation initiatives in your organization. 

What does digital leadership look like in 2021? 

Leaders today need to have a sense of how technology is changing, particularly when it comes to disruptive technologies. They need to understand what that technology is, how it may impact their business and industry, and most importantly, how they can leverage it. Essentially, digital leadership means embracing digital transformation and enabling rapid innovation through things like cross-functional collaboration, agile principles, and more. 

This has been especially important in the last year, where we’ve seen entire industries shift to a digital-first approach and channels. Brands that have navigated this new reality are those that were already investing in digital channels or those that had leaders who were ready to make the necessary changes. 

Is there an ideal student in the Digital Leadership and Innovation certificate course? 

Students that have enrolled in the course tend to be ambitious professionals who recognize how quickly the world of work is changing and who want to be leaders in that changing landscape. 

I want to make it clear, though, that you don’t have to work in tech to benefit from this course. Entire industries are now moving to new digital processes and channels, which means it’s increasingly important for professionals in all fields and seniority levels to understand disruptive technologies and how they can be leveraged. 

To that end, the course introduces key concepts in AI, machine and deep learning, among others, as well as digital strategy, to prepare individuals to lead cross-functional digital teams. 

Does an employee need to be high up or have a lot of power in an organization in order to be a leader?

Not at all. If they have the right digital skills, employees at all levels can have major impacts on the way an organization operates and sets strategies.  

What does the Digital Leadership and Innovation certificate course curriculum cover? 

The curriculum explores the disruptive technologies driving the digital economy, and how businesses leverage them to create exceptional customer experiences and competitive advantages. It also covers new business models of the digital world, and how design thinking can be used to drive ideation, prioritization, and rapid execution of new digital solutions. By the end of the course, students will know how to harness the power of cross-functional teams and Agile processes to seize digital opportunities and drive digital transformation.

Do students need to have a technical background to enroll?

There is no application process for this course. As a part-time certificate course, students just need to enroll. Our full-time bootcamps, on the other hand, have an application process.

While a technical background can be beneficial, it’s not required to enroll in the course.   Students will be introduced to new and emerging technology.

Who are the instructors for this course?

Instructors are selected from companies who are leading the way in digital transformations in their industries. The instructors for this course also change for each cohort. In our last cohort, our Instructors were DIrectors and Executives from Shutterstock, Amazon, Peloton, Spotify, and Shopify. 

What kinds of projects do students work on in the Digital Leadership and Innovation course? 

Learners will explore how disruptive technologies and design thinking create exceptional experiences and deep competitive advantages. They will then use real-world industry case studies and insight to understand how organizations are applying things like AI, machine learning, and more. 

What is your advice for students enrolling in this certificate course?

I would say to not be intimidated by the idea of emerging technologies. Change can be challenging, particularly when it involves digital transformation, but the idea behind this course is to equip you with the skills and knowledge you would need to lead teams and organizations through those changes. 

For our readers who are beginners, which online resources or meetups do you recommend for aspiring business leaders?

Staying informed with tech news, in general, is a good first step. What companies are doing interesting things on the digital transformation front? Why are they doing that? Recognizing that these things are happening, and the importance of them, is a great starting point for additional learning. 

BrainStation also hosts monthly thought leadership panels that bring together brilliant minds to discuss trends and transformations within their fields. The Q&A sees great questions from the audience that really brings out some great advice from the panel.

Find out more and read BrainStation reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with BrainStation.

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