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As of December 8, 2017, Dev Bootcamp will no longer be operating. Course Report attended the “How To Ace Your Interview” meetup at Dev Bootcamp New York, to find out the inside knowledge on what happens when you apply for Dev Bootcamp’s immersive web development program. Here we outline the whole application process, from submitting your online application, to your interview, and coding challenge. We’ve even included some links so you can do extra practice before you take the leap and apply to Dev Bootcamp.


What is the application process at Dev Bootcamp?

How long does the whole application process take?

Depending on how quickly you complete the prep material tutorials, and when you schedule your interview, an applicant could be enrolled within a week of applying online.

What goes into the online, written application?

This usually takes about 30 minutes:

What are in the interview prep materials?

After you submit your online application, you will receive an email with prep materials including coding tutorials and a video about engineering empathy

How do applicants know they’re prepared for the Dev Bootcamp interview?

Dev Bootcamp recommends you give yourself several days to go through prep material tutorials.

What should applicants expect in the interview?

The interview is a chance to get to know you, and for you get to know Dev Bootcamp. The exercises – the logic puzzle and coding challenge – are not about getting the right answer, but about communicating so your interviewer can see how you think. You and your interviewer are getting to know each other rather than assessing you.

Dev Bootcamp says the interview is a non-judgmental conversation. Expect to be asked to elaborate on your answers.

Where and what time is the interview?

Every interview is conducted through Google Hangouts. Dev Bootcamp does not hold in-person interviews. This is to make it fair for people who cannot attend in-person interviews.

Interviews are held all throughout the day including up to 10pm or 11pm ET, because some of the interviewers are based on the West Coast.

What sort of questions are in the interview?

What happens with the logic puzzle?

What happens in the coding challenge?

In the interview, you’ll be solving actual coding challenges in the Ruby language. If you’ve thoroughly been through the prep material, you should know what to do.

Dev Bootcamp admissions staff are looking for how you understand it and explain the code, even if you don’t write it out perfectly.

What happens in the Engineering Empathy part of the interview?

Dev Bootcamp’s philosophy is that good software is built by good teams. They believe you can be an excellent technical person, but without the personal skills to interact with others, you won’t be as successful as a developer. Engineering empathy is about feedback, communication, and interacting with others.

What other resources are there for preparing for the interview and Phase 0?

What happens after the interview?

After the interview, you will hear from the admissions team within 24 hours. There are 3 possible outcomes to the interview – accepted, not accepted, or a recommendation for a second interview. The second interview may be recommended if the admissions team seeks to further assess your technical skills.

How does Dev Bootcamp evaluate applicants?

Dev Bootcamp is geared towards beginners. They don’t expect you to be a master before you get to the interview. The program is rooted in pair/small group work, so the admissions team wants to work out if you suit this learning approach. They look at:

Dev Bootcamp says that for most people who don’t get in, it’s not an indication you can’t be a developer, just that this program doesn’t fit your learning style. Dev Bootcamp is looking for students who can bring their “whole selves” to the Dev Bootcamp experience.

What happens if you’re accepted?

If you’re accepted you will be asked to choose a start date and cohort, and put down a deposit to reserve your spot.

Once you’ve paid your full tuition, you will start Phase 0, the remote pre-work phase of Dev Bootcamp:

Does Dev Bootcamp accept international students? Can you organize visas?

Dev Bootcamp does accept international students who meet Dev Bootcamp’s admission standards. But they cannot assist with getting visas.

Want to know more? Read reviews on Dev Bootcamp’s Course Report Page, or check out the Dev Bootcamp website.

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