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Cracking the Code School Interview: Ironhack Miami

Written By Liz Eggleston

Last updated on September 2, 2015


Ironhack is an immersive iOS and Web Development bootcamp that started in Spain and has now expanded to Miami. With a hiring network and happy alumni, Ironhack is a great Florida bootcamp option. But what exactly does it take to get into Ironhack? We caught up with the Ironhack team to learn everything you need to know about the Ironhack application and interview process, including how long it will take, their current acceptance rate, and a sneak peek at the questions you'll hear in the interview. 

The Application

How long does the Ironhack application typically take?

The Ironhack application process falls into 3 stages (the written application, first interview, and second technical interview) and takes on average, 10-15 days to complete in entirety.

What goes into the written application? Does Ironhack require a video submission?

The written application is a chance for students to give a quick summary of their background and motivations for wanting to attend. It’s their opportunity to tell us about themselves in a nutshell and peak the admission committee’s interest.

What types of backgrounds have successful Ironhack students had? Does everyone come from a technical background?

We are impressed and inspired by the diversity of students that Ironhack attracts. We’ve had former flight attendants, world-travelling yoginis, and CS grads from Ivy Leagues all attend Ironhack. We’ve been amazed at how coding is so democratic and attracts all sorts of people, regardless of educational background or pedigree. Those who tend to perform the best at Ironhack are those who have committed to doing so, not necessarily those with a technical background.


The Interview

Can you give us a sample question from the “first interview?”

“What motivates you on a day-to-day basis and what do you love to do?”

Can you give us a sample question from the “technical interview?”

“What happens when you put a function inside a loop?”

What are a few resources that you suggest applicants use to really ace the technical interview?

When an applicant is in the midst of our process, we actually send them materials specifically to prepare for the technical interview and set office hours with our Teaching Assistants, so they can get some one-on-one time to address specific questions. Apart from that, If they already have some experience programming: We recommend this resource for complete beginners: JavaScript for Cats:

How do you evaluate an applicant’s future potential? What qualities are you looking for?

Ironhack’s application process reveals a lot of qualities in potential candidates because it is a bit longer than most coding schools. The advantage of this is, it allows us to see how candidates and applicants respond to learning material in a short amount of time, and how dedicated they are to their goals. If they can’t even complete the interview process, it’s an indicator that they might not have the passion or drive to get through 8 weeks of a coding bootcamp! We look for curiosity, passion, and drive. Drive is probably the most important quality to succeed at Ironhack.


Is there a technical coding challenge in the Ironhack Application?


How long should it take? Is there a time limit?

We give our students exactly 7 days to prepare for the technical interview after the 1st interview and provide the materials they need to prep for it. The technical interview is led by one of our Miami instructors and consists of a coding challenge that the applicant has 30 minutes to solve.

Can an applicant complete the coding challenge in any programming language?

The applicant can complete the challenge in whatever programming language they feel most comfortable in as long as that language can solve a breadth of problems. That means that something like CSS is out.

Getting Accepted

What is the current acceptance rate at Ironhack?

As of now, our current acceptance rate is ~20% (23.5%, to be exact!)

Are students accepted on a rolling basis?

Yes. Spots fill up quickly, so the sooner the applicant gets started, the better.

Does Ironhack Miami have a lot of international students since your roots are in Spain? Do international students get student visas/tourist visas to do the program?

Yes! We have more than 25 countries represented in our bootcamps globally (e.g. Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, France, Brazil, etc.) The majority of our students who travel to Miami from abroad use a tourist visa to visit the US and attend our program. We love the melting pot of Miami combined with Ironhack’s reputation globally. It’s really a fun place to learn and study!


Want to learn more about Ironhack? Check out their website

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