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Ask a Career Coach: Are bootcamp grads landing high-paying tech roles in 2023?

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Last updated on October 17, 2023

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Welcome to Ask a Career Coach, an advice-column where real bootcamp career coaches answer a question from a Course Report reader. Today, Bradford Smith from General Assembly is answering a question about whether bootcamp graduates are still landing high-paying tech roles in spite of the turbulent job market of 2023. Bradford has a background in technical recruitment and is the Outcomes Manager & Senior Career Coach at General Assembly. 

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Our question comes from someone interested in changing careers, but asks:

“Are bootcamp grads still landing high-paying tech jobs in 2023?”

A quick answer to this question is…

Yes! Even considering headlines from late 2022 to early 2023, hiring remained consistent across most industries. Of course, we saw the FAANG companies doing reductions, but in doing so, it created space for new tech hubs to emerge, such as Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Austin, which have quickly risen to top cities hiring tech professionals in the hottest industries. 

Location is determining hiring patterns, as we’ve seen more East-coast-based firms invest in local talent rather than outsource to the San Francisco Bay area. We’ve also seen a push for more jobs in green tech, financial services, and the US government.

Many of our bootcamp graduates land high-paying remote tech jobs all across the US, as well as in the UK, Singapore, and Australia. There isn’t a gate-keeping mechanism preventing new tech practitioners from entering the market in high-demand remote roles.

What is your advice to someone who is considering enrolling in a bootcamp like General Assembly in order to land a high-paying tech job?

  1. Test out a programming language or skill on your own before you enroll in a bootcamp! After talking to students who choose a technology randomly and to those who choose their technology intentionally, the latter end up happier with their choice and much more prepared for the job search. General Assembly offers free intro workshops to test out new technologies and see what it's like to be a UX designer, software engineer, data scientist, or data analyst. 
  2. Find connections in your network who work in the industry to get insight into what can give you a competitive edge. Job searching can be stressful, so it’s also important to have a solid support network. At General Assembly, we host events for prospective students so they can meet people in the industry as well as fellow alumni to get a better grasp on what it's like to get into the industry.

Are employers more interested in hiring bootcamp grads for skills-based tech jobs?

Recent surveys from CompTIA and other hiring leaders proves that executives are committed to prioritizing skills-based hiring, especially as a means to break down traditional systemic barriers that prevent under-represented folks from entering the workplace. 

As we see those commitments continue to grow, we expect that more students with less traditional backgrounds will have access to the same opportunities as everyone else.

Are you still seeing that tech roles are mostly remote in 2023?

Currently in the US Zippia estimates that in 2022 about 26% of US employees work remotely and are projected to stay available to tech professionals looking to work from home. However, we’re noticing the number of 100% remote roles declining as hybrid roles become more common in 2023.

Hiring Tip: Job candidates who are local and willing to come into the office once or twice a week might have an advantage over those seeking 100% remote work. 

How is the General Assembly team helping students land in-demand tech roles this year?

Beyond the in-classroom experience and the 1:1 coaching, General Assembly also boasts a Partnerships team dedicated to cultivating relationships with companies around the world. Our Partnerships team finds employers who are hiring skills-based employees and creates a direct pipeline to those companies. This increases access to in-demand tech jobs for General Assembly graduates! 

What are your tips for bootcamp graduates who are looking to climb the tech career ladder in 2023?

It's common for new tech practitioners to focus on their individual tech, skill, craft, but not consider the business impact of their work. Find a business mentor within your company and learn how the technology projects they work on contribute to the company's bottom line in supporting the company’s key metrics. Learning to tie your technology work to key business metrics will allow you to advocate for higher pay and build a stronger resume that will stand out from the crowd! When your accomplishments are tied to business metrics rather than just technical projects you’ve produced, your chances of getting higher-paying jobs increases. 

Find out more and read General Assembly reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with General Assembly.

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Jess Feldman

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