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App Academy Grad Jerrik Won $500 in Our Sweepstakes!

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on July 17, 2019

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Jerrik Shaw, a graduate of App Academy’s software engineering bootcamp wrote a verified review of his bootcamp experience and won our latest sweepstakes competition! Over 1200 tech bootcamp graduates wrote a Verified review for their school on Course Report and went into the draw to win a $500 Amazon Giftcard. We caught up with Jerrik to hear about his coding bootcamp experience, and his new job at 23andMe!

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When did you graduate from App Academy?

I graduated from App Academy in January 2019.

What did you do before App Academy? Why did you choose to attend?

Before App Academy I installed glass shower enclosures for about two years. Before that, I was a table games dealer at a casino for about eight years. I wanted to start a career that I could do long term. When I researched what kind of career would work for me, coding checked all my boxes. Then I looked into different ways of getting into the industry and a bootcamp seemed like the quickest and cheapest way to get in.

How competitive was the App Academy application process?

The application process was very competitive. App Academy advertises that they only accept 3% of applicants. I would recommend getting comfortable with the basics of whichever language you will do the interview in (for me it was Ruby) by doing some LeetCode or Project Euler problems. But they also care about how you interview so I would suggest doing some practice interviews with common tech interview questions.

What are you up to today? Where do you work?

Today I am a Software Engineer with 23andMe in San Francisco.

What's your advice to someone considering App Academy or another coding bootcamp?

I would say that if you are motivated and determined, then you should totally do it. It was very challenging but doable and totally worth it.

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