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Reed Branson graduated from Fullstack Academy in September 2016 and is enjoying his new job as a Software Engineer at Machine Metrics in Massachusetts. We sat down with Reed to ask him all about his new job, which programming languages he is working in (and learning), and why he wanted to work at a startup. Plus Reed tells us about his Fullstack Academy Fellowship. Watch the video Q&A (or check out our summary below)!

Why Reed chose Fullstack Academy:

What happened after Reed graduated from Fullstack Academy?

What attracted Reed to Machine Metrics for his first job?

  1. The leadership team had a track record of success - they had sold software companies in the past.
  2. There were opportunities for personal development (and room for growth) as an engineer.
  3. Machine Metrics is a diverse team working on diverse technologies.
  4. Reed got a ton of responsibility and Machine Metrics let him learn & fail. For example, in his first week Reed broke the app, but the second week, he fixed it!

What’s the appeal of working for a startup?

Is the learning over when you get a job?

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