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MakerSquare Launches in San Francisco with a New Favorable Pricing Model

By Liz Eggleston
Last Updated August 1, 2014


Since launching their programming school in Austin, MakerSquare has trained hundreds of qualified professionals to be full-time web and software developers through an in-person immersive training program. They now set their sights on San Francisco.


So why San Francisco?

We would like to have a presence and provide our students with an opportunity to be placed in top tech cities in the country; that’s why we’re in Austin and now SF!


Tell me about the San Fran immersive curriculum.

MakerSquare’s Immersive Program is a 12-week, full time program that focuses on software and web development, software engineering fundamentals, data structures, algorithms. Our focus is on providing an understanding of how programming languages work, so you can leave our program taking a position as a software developer with the ability to write code in one of the many languages or frameworks: JavaScript, Node, Angular, Ruby, Rails, Python, or any object-oriented or functional programming language. 


Are you any good?

We sure think so, but in case you want a second opinion, take a look at some of our alum reviews - 5/5 on Yelp reviews and a 4.9/5.0 on Google reviews.


How much does it cost?

Tuition is $13,880 with a new financing option. Prior to today, students had to pay the full tuition up front. Not anymore. All San Francisco applicants will now have the option to pay $8,500 in advance and pay the remaining $5,380 6 months following graduation. Read more at our recent blog post.


Why the new tuition model?

Because we want to attract the best talent. Because we don’t want cost to be reason you didn’t pursue your dream. And because we know you’re good for it. More than 93% of our graduates find jobs within 3 months of graduation. We believe in our model and we believe in our students, so what’s an extra 6 months if it alleviates some of the financial burden students may face.


Where are you located?

611 Mission St. 2nd Floor. we have worked to create an open environment where students feel at home and productive throughout the day. The office is divided into two areas- work and play, each providing the necessary tools for MakerSuccess!


Jared McCullough, a current student says, “The nice thing about MakerSquare is the freedom that they give you in using the space to your advantage. They strive to make the space as much like a home as possible in order to make students feel comfortable and less stressed. Everything is neat and clean, but simple enough that space can be used in whatever capacity it needs.”


How do I get to know you better?

That’s easy. Come visit us! We’re friendly I promise, and we offer a plethora of meetup opportunities. Whether you’re interested in iOS, andriod, or an intro to programming course, we host it all. Come meet our amazing instructors and amazing staff. Email Shaan or the team ( or


Want to learn more about MakerSquare? Check out their School Page on Course Report or their website here

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