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Campus Tour: Fullstack Academy

By Liz Eggleston
Last Updated March 10, 2015

As Fullstack Academy continues to expand, the team found themselves growing out of their original classroom in the Financial District. They moved into the 25th floor of 5 Hanover Square in New York this November, and we got a tour from Program Coordinator Liz Livi; we're happy to share an exclusive campus tour with you! 



Fullstack Academy has over 70 people in their space at the same time every day! Liz says that the best part of the new space is having "so much more room for activities and learning!"


We have 4 "learning halls," and the first hall is the Alan Turing Hall, a space for the seniors to learn. Two students per desk, each student is a set up with a monitor. 



The Fullstack space is also home to Grace Hopper auditorium, where presentations and lectures take place. This hall can fit up to 65 people seated at once. And the Von Neumann Hall, which is set up for our juniors (same table set up as the senior hall). The newest addition, Ada Lovelace Hall, is where Fullstack holds the Flex Immersive class every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  



Students have plenty of space for activities and games when they're not coding. 

At the end of each cohort, the space is filled with prospective employers and graduating bootcampers at the Fullstack Academy Hiring Day. Fullstack also hosts meetups such as Women Who Code, Y-Combinator Happy Hours and many talks including one by Justin Moses of Mongo DB. 


Want to learn more about Fullstack Academy? Check out their School Page on Course Report or the Fullstack Academy website!

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