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Jess Feldman

Content Manager at Course Report

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Jess Feldman is an accomplished writer and the Content Manager at Course Report, the leading platform for career changers who are exploring coding bootcamps. With a background in writing, teaching, and social media management, Jess plays a pivotal role in helping Course Report readers make informed decisions about their educational journey.


As a lifelong learner, Jess found her calling in the world of writing. After earning degrees in English and Writing, she embarked on a career that allows her to combine her writing skills with her desire to make a positive impact. After witnessing her fiancé make a career change into tech through a coding bootcamp, Jess was inspired to join Course Report, where she could contribute her expertise to the ever-evolving landscape of coding bootcamps.


As the Content Manager at Course Report, Jess's keen eye for detail and dedication to delivering high-quality resources are at the center of her work. She collaborates with a team of talented writers, bootcamp leaders, and industry professionals to produce comprehensive guides, informative infographics, and insightful interviews that empower aspiring learners to find the educational path that suits them best. 


Jess is passionate about fostering diverse and inclusive learning spaces and works closely with bootcamps to highlight their unique offerings and the impact they have on their students' lives. She co-hosts a monthly podcast about coding bootcamp industry news and hosts panels about trends in education.

Previous Work Experience

Content Manager at Course Report, Co-Teacher at The Birches Academy, Teacher at Shortridge Academy, and Editor at ParksByNature Network


  • Alternative Education
  • Skills-Based Hiring
  • Content Strategy


  • M.F.A. Writing - University of New Hampshire
  • B.A. English - University of New Hampshire

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