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As part of its lifetime membership, Prehired offers an online part-time tech sales career launch program with a job guarantee. Members will learn sales-related software in various categories like CRM, lead generation, lead enrichment, sales automation, productivity, and artificial intelligence. Prehired aims to equip members with the skills to help them land their dream job and potentially reach the industry average of a six-figure annual income. The membership starts with the first program, Science-Based Sales®, through a hybrid approach of being mentored through course videos and projects, along with 1x1 mentoring via video calls like Zoom.

This program is for anyone looking to make a career in software sales, whether you have no experience or 15 years experience in the field. Applicants have a “Ask Me Anything” call first, then an application test, interview, an assessment to figure out whether or Prehired will be a fit for their career goals.

Prehired helps members land technology sales jobs by providing personal coaching sessions from pH trainers and helping members with job research, job applications, and offer negotiations. If a member does not receive a job offer within 1-year, their income share agreement is canceled and no payment will be required. Members who stay in the program have a lifetime membership in the Science-Based Sales® Association with free ongoing access to mentoring, live group training, yearly summits, member community and directory, and the next programs dedicated to getting all members promoted and into management over subsequent years.

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  • Prehired Science-Based Sales®

    OnlinePart Time0 Weeks
    Start Date Rolling Start Date
    Class size40
    Tuition Plans$0 upfront and 12.5% income sharing for 48 months after being hired
    Refund / GuaranteeYes, 90-day guarantee. (
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Placement TestYes

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    • Prehired Science-Based Sales® (Online)
  • Max Simpson • Graduate
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    I was doing business development and sales for Maserati and Bentley for the last 2 years.
    While I love cars, I don't enjoy the sales process of selling cars. I always felt like my work was a job and not a career. I wanted to work in an industry I was passionate about and could see myself growing with.
    When I first saw the preHIRED ad on facebook it seemed too good to be true. Entry level jobs never earn that much! After doing research about preHIRED and the software sales industry, it all started to feel more realistic. My favorite part of the preHIRED program was how it showed you to use every tool you'll need (and much more) and how to use them with maximum efficiency. Not only does it do a great job teaching you how to sell software, it also does a great job teaching you how to sell yourself as an employee. If you're considering preHIRED know that it's well worth the money! Thank you, Josh

  • David Gray • Sales Professional • Graduate
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    I am relatively new to sales, and had been taught many antiquated techniques that just don't work in today's high-tech sales environment. Josh's Science-Based Sales® methodology and teaching platform cleared the slate for me and I'm confident in what it takes to be top performer in this profession.

    Josh's certification process is linear, easy to follow and very accessible to a neophyte such as myself. I am now confident in every step of the sales development process from 

    You could search for months online looking for the random blogs, videos and articles BUT you would not even get a fraction of the info that Science-Based Sales® delivers into one convenient package. And believe me, because I've been looking for ages, and I finally found the right spot with Prehired.

    Josh's delivery is crystal clear, precise and never boring. It feels like one-on-one tutoring. I'm looking forward to applying this knowledge to a satisfying (and well-paying) position in sales development.