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  • Admissions at Coding Temple: What You Need to Know

    Jess Feldman5/9/2022

    Enrolling at an online coding bootcamp can be intimidating! Todd Schreiber, Admissions Director of Coding Temple, walks us through their 2-step admissions process, prework, and how to determine which of Coding Temple’s program formats is the best fit for you. Learn which technical skills and soft skills Coding Temple expects from their incoming students, and the kinds of tech jobs (and salaries!) Coding Temple grads are landing today.   

    The admissions process at Coding Temple is simple. 

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  • The Top 3 Python Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them!)

    Jess Feldman3/23/2022

    Worried about nailing your Python technical interview? Nate Welter, Technical Instructor at Coding Temple, is sharing the top 3 Python interview questions you should be prepared to respond to in 2022. Learn how to break down any of these Python interview questions, and the best ways to prepare yourself with Nate’s tips and resources. Plus, find out how the new Technical Career Support Program at Coding Temple gives graduates an edge in their Python interviews.

    First of all, the questions you hear in an interview will vary by industry. Python is a back-end language, but can be used in web development, software engineering, data analysis, data engineering, and data science. Before the interview, look through your projects and choose past work in the context of the industry.

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  • What is a Coding Bootcamp Like?

    Nat Davis3/21/2022

    Coding bootcamps are certainly the most efficient way to quickly make a successful career pivot. But what is a coding bootcamp actually like? Since 2014, we’ve spoken with hundreds of alumni about their in-person, online, full-time, part-time, and self-paced bootcamp experiences and now we’re sharing their insights with you! Let’s break down a typical day at a bootcamp, teaching styles, and exactly what to expect in a bootcamp classroom. 

    Here’s what you should expect:

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  • Inside the Coding Temple Self-Paced vs Immersive Bootcamp

    Liz Eggleston3/8/2022

    Coding Temple now offers a Self-Paced Bootcamp for students that need flexibility while making a career change. We talked to Brandon from Coding Temple about the differences between the Immersive Bootcamp vs Self-Paced Bootcamp, why Coding Temple teaches Python, and how to get the most out of a self-paced learning environment. 

    Brandon, what is your job at Coding Temple?

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  • From College Professor to Developer Relations Engineer after Coding Temple

    Jess Feldman1/11/2022

    As an English professor, Michael Robinson wasn’t sure if he could ever pivot into a STEM career. The COVID lockdown offered Michael the opportunity to explore his career options and expand on latent tech interests he had his whole life. He found a new calling in software development after attending Coding Temple’s part-time, online bootcamp. Now a Developer Relations Engineer, Michael is kickstarting a new lucrative career thanks to the curriculum, instructor support, and career services at Coding Temple

    What inspired you to pivot from teaching at the college-level to launching a tech career?

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  • A Guide to Python for Web Development

    Liz Eggleston12/7/2021

    Python is a popular language used in data science, machine learning, scripting, and cybersecurity, but it’s also a powerful language used by web developers to build huge web applications like Spotify and Dropbox. We asked Joel Carter from the Python bootcamp Coding Temple to share his expertise about why you would choose Python over Ruby or JavaScript, the 5 most popular Python libraries, and how to use Anaconda to get started as a Python developer.

    Python is a high-level programming language. Python is an object-oriented language, meaning that code is grouped together and treated as an individual unit that can interact with other objects. While Python is used by many people for web development, it has plenty of other uses in data science, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

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  • From Sports to Data Analytics after Coding Temple

    Jess Feldman11/15/2021

    Recent college graduate Nathan Nunez found himself underpaid and overworked in sports broadcasting. Nathan enrolled at Coding Temple because he was impressed by their 99% job placement rate and commitment to their alumni. Nathan shares how Coding Temple’s online, full-time bootcamp covered software engineering and data, helping him land his first Data Analyst job at Cirium just two months after graduating! Read his advice for recent college graduates considering a bootcamp and if Nathan says that Coding Temple was worth it for him.

    What inspired you to pivot from sports broadcasting to tech?

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  • From Urban Planner to Software Engineer after Coding Temple

    Jess Feldman9/28/2021

    Jessica was working in local government administration where she got the opportunity to work on a technical project and found an interest in Python. After researching coding bootcamps, Jessica chose the full-time bootcamp at Coding Temple and landed her first Full Stack Developer role at Critical Mention just three months after graduation. Jessica shares the highlights of her bootcamp experience, her advice for future bootcampers, and what sets Coding Temple apart from other programs. Plus, Jessica shares how her volunteer work with Code for Chicago helped her land the job! 

    What inspired you to launch your tech career in 2021?

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  • Why Hires Developers from Coding Temple

    Jess Feldman8/17/2021 is a web design, development, and digital marketing agency with a forward focus and a commitment to inclusive company culture. When it comes to hiring, they're looking for people with a passion for coding and a desire to learn. Erin Frobish, Human Resources Representative at, shares why this agency has hired four Coding Temple alumni and what sets those grads apart in the hiring pool. Plus, find out why that final bootcamp project does make a difference in the interview process!

    Tell us about! What is the engineering team like at your company?

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  • How to Use a WIOA Grant for Coding Temple Tuition

    Liz Eggleston7/1/2021

    Did you know that anyone who has been laid off due to COVID-19 is eligible for $14,290 in grant money from the government to take Coding Temple’s bootcamp? We touched base with Katie Sindelar from the Coding Temple team to learn about eligibility requirements, why the WIOA approved Coding Temple, and how this WIOA program can prepare displaced workers for the tech job market.

    Katy, tell us about your role and how you work with students at Coding Temple!

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