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  • Deep Dive: Career Services at Codesmith

    Liz Eggleston12/5/2019

    Codesmith has campuses in Los Angeles and New York City and is known for having strict admissions standards – but that selectivity also means graduates land mid-level and senior-level entry jobs. So how do they prepare their students for a senior developer interview? Shanda McCune, Director of Admissions and Outcomes at Codesmith, shares her advice for portfolios and projects, the difference between “junior” and “senior,” and how to compete with CS degree graduates for jobs. 

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  • Becoming a Remote Developer for Hilton after Codesmith

    Imogen Crispe10/7/2019

    Eric Carrillo was a surfer and entrepreneur dreaming of a digital nomad lifestyle. A serendipitous encounter with the CEO of Codesmith led him to enroll in their Software Engineering Immersive in Los Angeles. As someone with no tech background, Eric tells us about failing the first admissions interview (and getting in the second time), surviving the “firehose” of information in the first weeks of coding bootcamp, and learning how to ace technical job interviews. Now Eric is working remotely from Peru as a Developer for Hilton! 

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  • Increasing the Visibility of Women in Tech after Codesmith

    Imogen Crispe6/24/2019

    Alex was interested in coding throughout college but initially dismissed it, thinking that coding just wasn’t for her. But seeing the potential of technology while working for nonprofits, she decided to revisit software engineering, and loved it. Alex won the Edie Windsor Lesbians Who Tech Scholarship to attend Codesmith coding bootcamp in New York City, and now works on a team that values diversity. Alex tells us about her experience learning in Codesmith’s supportive environment, how she landed her new role as a Software Engineer, and why she’s happy to be increasing the visibility of women in tech.

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  • What is AWS? A Guide to Amazon Web Services for Beginners

    Imogen Crispe3/7/2019


    In today’s world, understanding the ecosystem beyond coding can be the difference between a junior and a senior software engineer. One part of that ecosystem is cloud computing infrastructure like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Schno Mozingo, Head of Curriculum at Codesmith, walks us through the basics of AWS, how companies and developers are using it, and why understanding AWS can help bootcampers land higher-level engineering positions. Listen to the podcast or read the article!

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  • What I Built at A Coding Bootcamp: Reynolds of Codesmith

    Imogen Crispe11/30/2018

    In the last week at Codesmith, students take part in Hiring Day, where employers visit the campus looking to hire new software engineers. Students interview with employers and show off their final projects. We visited Codesmith’s New York City campus and spoke to one student about his experience at Codesmith, what he built after 12 weeks, and how his ambitions have changed after Codesmith! Find out if Codesmith was worth it for Reynolds Colon.

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  • How to Get Into 7 Coding Bootcamps

    Imogen Crispe10/15/2018

    So you’re thinking about applying to a coding bootcamp. What should you expect in the application and interview process? And how do you ensure you get accepted to your dream coding bootcamp? We invited representatives from 7 coding bootcamps to ask all the tough questions about getting into coding school. In this live panel discussion, hear tips and advice about coding challenges, prep programs and more from Flatiron School, New York Code + Design Academy, Fullstack Academy, the Grace Hopper Program, Hack Reactor, Galvanize, and Codesmith! Watch the video, listen to the podcast, read the summary or transcript.

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  • How I Got Accepted to Codesmith

    Liz Eggleston9/12/2018


    Am I ready to apply to Codesmith? Do I need to have programming experience? What happens if I fail the technical interview? How do I improve my “technical communication?” Will Adamowicz just graduated from Codesmith’s 12-week Academy and spills the details about the application process (he’s now a Codesmith Fellow, so he knows the ins and outs). From basic steps to interview questions to preparation tips, Will answers all of your questions!

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  • Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Miltenberger of Codesmith

    Lauren Stewart6/26/2018

    Even after Brittany Miltenberger earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and worked professionally in software (QA, Release Engineering, and Front End Web Development), she felt she needed to go to coding bootcamp to learn more advanced, full-stack web development skills and technologies. She chose Codesmith in Los Angeles, because she thought it would be a challenge and enrolled in the two-week Live Online CS Prep course to prepare for the technical interview. Find out how Brittany enjoyed learning remotely with others before she moved to LA, how difficult the Codesmith technical interview was, and her plans for the future!

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  • How Pair Programming with Codesmith CSX can Prepare you for Bootcamp

    Imogen Crispe3/30/2018


    The Codesmith team understands that the best way for people to learn is alongside a community. So when they launched Codesmith CSX, a free online learning platform to prepare people for coding bootcamps, user interaction was front and center. Codesmith Senior Product Manager Haley Godtfredsen tells us all about the CSX curriculum, how to navigate the online platform, how users can take part in weekly pair programming sessions, and she gives us a demo of a CSX coding challenge!

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  • Data Dive: How Much Can You Earn After Coding Bootcamp?

    Imogen Crispe2/1/2018


    What will your salary be after coding bootcamp? Coding bootcamps are judged almost entirely by their ability to find students high-paying jobs as software developers. Some schools release data about alumni jobs, others offer money-back job guarantees or deferred tuition, but how much are students earning when they graduate and how does their earning potential change as they gain experience? Every year, Course Report surveys real coding bootcamp graduates to better understand who is graduating from coding bootcamps and how successful they are in the workforce. In our second post of this series, we explore the lucrative data about salaries after a coding bootcamp.

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